November 1, 2018


Vegans Are Changing Restaurant Menus Around the World

It’s World Vegan Day! This year, the number of people who call themselves vegans tripled, and more than half of Americans say they’re trying to eat less meat. 51% of chefs celebrated all this plant-based bliss early by adding vegan items to their menus, bringing 13% more business to those chefs willing to take the plant-based plunge.

According to a recent report on food tourism, Los Angeles and Berlin are some of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. Yes, there are vegan restaurants everywhere (Excited?! I know) but what sets many restaurants apart is their ability to provide vegan substitutes for traditional dishes.


What Happens to Farm Animals When Natural Disaster Strikes?

Washington state livestock industry leaders discussed disaster preparedness today in a year that has seen wildfire and floods hit agricultural centers on a scale most religious experts call “biblical.” The response of farmers towards their animals should be a top priority. The primary concern for the Washington state livestock industry, however, was not natural disaster. It was a foreign animal disease spread by the factory farming industry itself.

Wildfires rage in the West, hurricanes hit the East Coast, and (surprise) there are millions of farm animals at the center of it all. The nation’s livestock industry is still counting its losses, but farmers might not be concerned about their animals for the right reasons.

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