November 7, 2018

vegetarian protein

Vegetarian? Here Are Your 27 Best Natural Protein Sources

If you’re thinking about becoming a vegetarian, or if you’ve already made the commitment, you’ve likely faced a popular question: Where can you get your protein?

Fear not – there are plenty of protein sources for vegetarians. You just have to know where to shop for your food.

Vegetarians don’t eat any meat at all, so they will not be getting protein from beef, poultry, fish, and other types of animal products. But that is not a problem. Instead, they arrange their diets to get the necessary macronutrients — fat, carbs, and protein — every day.


The World Needs More Vegan Chefs. Here’s Where to Look.

Vegan chefs are in high demand at the moment, so high that restaurants in London don’t know where to look. That’s largely because a third of UK consumers are reducing their meat consumption. One in eight is now vegan or vegetarian.

More people are ordering vegan, and so when restaurants don’t have a vegan option on the menu, business suffers. Part of the problem is the inability of “regular” chefs to make vegan and vegetarian options appealing. Then there’s the competitive edge of rising stars in the vegan culinary scene, many of whom are out to teach as many young chefs how to cook vegan as they can.

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