Californians turned out. They voted. And they made Prop 12 happen! But now’s not the time to pat yourselves on the back (okay, maybe a little). Now’s the time to keep it going. When Prop 2 passed in 2008, the entire country responded. We can make that happen again. As they say, how goes California, so goes the nation. Let’s check in on where we stand.

The split came down to 61% for Prop 12 and 39% against. In a state with more registered voters than the population of 46 states, such a convincing win should feel even better for animal advocates around the world. Support poured out on Twitter—in the form of every single animal emoji ever—as animal lovers showed their support. The farm animal movement has not-so-quietly crept onto its biggest stage yet, and all signs point to the horizon. There’s much more to come from Prop 12 and its implications for farm animals across the country.