November 26, 2018

The Food System: What It Is and How It Impacts Our Lives

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Most people don’t think about food other than in terms of meal preparation. You need X, Y, and Z ingredients to make dinner for your family. What you might not be considering is the food system.

A food system takes into account everything that happens to a certain piece of food before it reaches your digestive system. When we take into account every step of the food system, regardless of our dietary choices, we can make more informed decisions about what and how we eat.

But why does that matter?

Essentially, the food system can have either a positive or negative impact on the environment, our bodies, and the other sentient creatures who live amongst us. Many people have never even heard the term “food system,” which means that there’s a serious lack of food awareness pervasive throughout our culture.

Labeling Meat Humane Is Not Humane—or Sustainable

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Animal advocates are in the middle of a fight for better labeling on food. Because behind every big meat and dairy company, there is a desire to make more money, always at the expense of animal welfare.

Last week, the Animal Welfare Institute sued the United States Department of Agriculture for refusing to respond to a dire labeling request for animal products from the organization in 2014. Since meat and dairy companies began receiving more demand from consumers for more ethical treatment of animals raised for food, more “humane” labels have appeared on more food that is not humane in the slightest, and animals are suffering because of it.

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