the meat industry

Image via WeAnimals

The meat industry impacts all of us, not just meat eaters.

When we’re shopping for groceries to feed our families, topics like the meat industry don’t usually enter our minds. Unless, of course, we understand how the meat industry impacts animal welfare, the environment, and our own health.

Too often, consumers simply follow the lifestyles their parents and grandparents before them led, never questioning the validity of their choices. Even if you have no interest in going vegan or vegetarian, learning about your dietary impact will make you a more educated consumer.

There’s no question that we need food to survive. Our bodies require nourishment. There is a question, however, about whether we need the meat industry. And the answer is, “No.”

Who needs the meat industry? The people who run the factory farming operations, slaughterhouses, transportation depots, and other parts of the food system.