December 5, 2018

Ag Gag Laws: Allowing Animal Abuse While Silencing Activists

ag gag laws

If you’re not aware that ag gag laws exist, you don’t realize what a threat they are to our rights as human beings as well as to animal rights. These laws appropriate the concept of “security” for businesses with aplomb.

Animal rights activists already face a ton of hurdles in their quest to protect our animal friends. When the government actively works against them, more animals suffer and fewer criminals can be brought to justice.

But what are ag gag laws? Why do they exist? And how can we continue to fight against animal cruelty?

There’s Meat on the Menu at the UN Climate Change Conference. That Should Scare You.

animal angry cow

Attendees have twice as many meat-based entrees as plant-based ones to choose from the menu at this year’s United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) in Katowice, Poland, according to a food court analysis from the Center for Biological Diversity.

Eating less meat is the single best way to reduce your carbon footprint and slow down climate change. This fact was reported more than a month ago. Somehow, the organizers of a 30,000-person climate conference missed it.

The climate cost of COP24’s menu is wildly irresponsible. That might be the understatement of the year. Meat offered at the conference generates 4x the amount of greenhouse gas emissions than the plant-based offerings. Friendly reminder: The conference is not happening in a vacuum. Meat always produces four times the amount of greenhouse gas as the plant-based alternative.

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