December 17, 2018

Glenn Greenwald and Sentient Media to Create Series on Animal Rights

greenwald lingel series

We’re incredibly honored and excited to announce that Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, vegan, and animal rights activist Glenn Greenwald will join Sentient Media’s very own Grant Lingel for a brand new video series about animal rights.

Every week, Glenn and Grant will sit down together in Rio de Janeiro to unpack the biggest issues in animal rights—factory farming, food politics, animal advocacy, veganism, and much more. We can’t wait to hear what they have to say for the future of the movement.

Animal Trafficking: The Wildlife Trade You Don’t Want to Believe Exists

animal trafficking

Image via WeAnimals

When you hear a news story about trafficking, the items that come to mind might include guns, drugs, or even people. But do you know how animal trafficking is impacting our world, our environment, and our safety?

Animal trafficking is not only a form of animal cruelty but also a crime that’s frequently linked with other types of criminal activity, including the aforementioned drugs and guns. People who know how to traffic animals aren’t likely to be scared of trafficking other items, as well.

Since some of the most sought-after animals are native to foreign lands, those animals are often trafficked into the United States as well as other countries. These animals are bred or poached illegally and often face a horrific fate.

There are many dangers inherent to animal smuggling that extend far beyond animal welfare, but too often, we aren’t thinking of the animals themselves. What fear, anguish, and pain do they experience as victims of wildlife trafficking operations? And where do they end up?

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