February 5, 2019

Book Review: The Lives of Animals by J.M. Coetzee

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Few authors have captured the illustrious lives of animals in fiction. Leave it to Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee in The Lives of Animals (Princeton University Press 2016). Captivating and serious, yet full of beautiful description and South African character, this book does justice to Coetzee’s legacy as both a storyteller and philosopher.

Year of the Pig Is Starting. Let’s Consider the Pig.

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Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

It’s the Year of the Pig, according to the Chinese zodiac. In Chinese culture, pigs are a symbol of wealth and their chubby faces and big ears are signs of good fortune. But today, pigs have come to mean so much more.

Most pigs don’t get a name, like Wilbur, Timon, or Miss Piggy. They get a number and live their lives under the yoke of industrial animal farming.

This year, entire parades will be held in honor of an animal that lives and dies on factory farms by the billions. Pigs are special creatures that share distinct personality traits and behavior with humans. Despite what popular turns-of-phrase might lead you to believe, pigs are smart and clean–when they are given the opportunity to live a natural life.

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