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129 Million Pigs Were Killed for Food in the U.S. in 2019

The sad truth is the cruel practice of pig farming would not exist without the demand for pig products, which has never been higher.

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Uncovering Dairy Cruelty: Abused Calves Freeze to Death at Babybel Supplier

Animal Equality reveals shocking scenes of animal abuse and neglect at Summit Calf Ranch in Nebraska, a facility housing 11,000 calves and owned by Tuls Dairy.

KFC in the UK: 500% More Popular Sandwich & Better Lives for Chickens

In the United Kingdom, KFC is making progress for good by signing up to a comprehensive broiler chicken welfare commitment, and seeing a massive demand for its new vegan sandwich test.

dairy is cruel

I Consumed Dairy Until Learning It’s The Cruelest Industry of All

The dairy industry is one built on extreme suffering and cruelty. And it’s existence is completely unnecessary.

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Sheep Farming: Behind the Scenes of the Wool Industry

Hundreds of millions of sheep are slaughtered every year to produce wool, meat, and milk. And while many people think of shearing sheep for wool as a harmless practice, it is actually far from that.

McDonald’s Continues to Ignore its Lackluster Chicken Welfare Policies

The Humane League released a new campaign video today targeting McDonald’s and their lack of meaningful chicken welfare policies. Why is McDonald’s still falling behind both its competitors and its own welfare commitments?

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This Is How the Fast Food Industry Treats Chickens

Animal Equality just released new footage of extreme animal suffering on three chicken farms that supply the large restaurant chains and grocers in the UK.

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Moving Animals: Photographing the Undeniable Suffering on Factory Farms

There is a reason why the animal agriculture industry fights to keep its practices hidden. What happens to animals in the food system is fundamentally wrong–and needs to be seen.

How Undercover Investigation of Lamb Slaughterhouse Led to Federal Prosecution

A whistleblower offered the first hidden-camera look inside a lamb slaughterhouse in the U.S. Now, the Department of Justice is stepping in. That’s how bad it was, yet it is all too common.

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Factory Farming: Shedding Light on the Highly Secretive Industry

Torturous labor conditions and systemic animal abuse are well hidden by the industry. That is until investigators show up. The undercover investigators at factory farms are risking everything to show the rest of the world the systemic, business-as-usual animal abuse going on every day.

Be Warned, McDonald’s Investors: The Fast Food Giant Is Slow to Adapt

As consumer demand for non-animal proteins increases – for reasons of health, climate impact, and animal suffering – many fast food competitors are putting plant-based food on their menus. McDonald’s is not so fast.

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Saving Cows and Farmers with Plant-Based Milk

In 2018, about 3,000 dairy farms closed across the United States, in part due to the federal government’s lack of interest in the well-being of small farms. Could plant-based milk be the future of small, local farming?

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U.S. Kills 25 Million Chickens for Food Every Day

Former undercover investigator Geoff Regier takes us inside the disturbing world of factory farming, where 25 million chickens are killed for food every day—just in the United States.

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Chilling Footage From Inside a Canadian Pig Farm

More than 1,000 mother pigs were found suffering miserable lives in crates at one of British Columbia’s largest pig farms. PETA’s investigation spurred direct action by hundreds of activists over the weekend.

national cattlemen's beef association scared of plant-based meat alternatives

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Fears Plant-Based Alternatives

In a recent post, CEO of NCBA lists all the different reasons why they are not afraid of beef substitutes and how much effort they are putting into countering the threat of beef substitutes, which, again, they are not afraid of at all.

Walmart Acquires Beef Supply Chain, As Consumers and Voters Battle Meat

The acquisition of beef production capacity is symptomatic of short-term thinking at the retail behemoth, and possibly a questionable move financially as meat production faces an increasingly critical political climate.

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Megacorporations Want More Ocean Farms. That’s a Huge Mistake.

Like their terrestrial counterparts, industrialized fish farms may be with us for some time as demand for protein outpaces production and alternatives are developed. But there’s no reason to open the country’s federal ocean waters to unsustainable industrial fish farming — the risk to the environment and animal welfare is much too great.

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Fish Farming: Harming Oceans While Poisoning People and the Environment

Avoiding both farmed fish and wild fish is the solution. Consuming fish is a personal choice for people consuming a Western Diet, not a staple for survival.

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99% of U.S. Farmed Animals Live on Factory Farms

The idea of factory-farmed meat makes most people feel uncomfortable, so they justify eating animals by claiming their food was produced ethically–not on a factory farm. The majority of them are wrong.

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EU Poultry Production Hits Record High

Poultry farmers are growing chickens faster than ever to meet soaring consumer demand. At this rate, the EU will set a record for poultry consumption in each of the next 10 years.

Whole Foods CEO: “I Cannot Account for Our Suppliers”

When asked about the sustainability standards about its meat suppliers – Tyson and Cargill specifically…

This Cheese Is Dairy-Free. Is That A Problem?

“The steady growth of the plant-based foods industry shows that consumers continue to shift away from animal products towards plant-based options,” said Michele Simone, executive director of the Plant Based Foods Association.

Cowboys Are an American Icon. They Need to Help End Animal Agriculture.

Our society expresses a deep love for industrial “cowboys,” the producers who are heavily subsidized by taxpayers via a scheme of crop insurance, water rights, and government advertising programs.

One State. 525 Million Farmed Animals.

525 million is a lot of animals to clean up after, and according to experts from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Waterkeeper Alliance, concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, do a horrendous job at containing the mess.

The Good Food Institute Is Disrupting the Meat Market for Good

Research and development of new technologies will aid the new complex production process. GFI’s goal is simple: make it possible for more people to eat plant- and cell-based meat.

Year of the Pig Is Starting. Let’s Consider the Pig.

Celebrating the Year of the Pig means standing up for pigs ourselves. Once you know how many pigs die on factory farms every day, it’s hard to forget.

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The World’s Largest Fast Food Companies Are Failing Chickens

Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals A new report from World Animal Protection identifies the cruel mistreatment of chickens by suppliers to eight of the world’s largest fast food companies.

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A Letter to the Most Factory-Farmed District in the United States

Factory farms need to hear from you through petitions, letters from student governments, and calls to your representatives in Congress. And they need to hear from you because the end of animal farming is near.

the dairy industry

Dairy Industry Horrors: It’s Neither Wholesome Nor Humane

The dairy industry is often presented to consumers as wholesome and humane. What actually goes…

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Big Dairy’s Version of Animal Welfare

Animal welfare policy should prioritize animals. It should keep mothers with their children. Instead, dairy farmers deprive cows of a natural life so they can, essentially, steal their milk and sell it in the morning.