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what is agroecology?

What Is Agroecology?

Agroecology relies on traditional Indigenous farming knowledge to make farming more sustainable.

what is fur farming

Yes, Fur Farming Is Still Legal

61 percent of U.S. voters support a ban on fur farming — yet the $22 billion industry is still legal in the U.S. and much of the rest of the world.

Spy cam reveals suffering and squalor on Red Tractor farm

Spy Cams Reveal Squalor and Suffering on Mega-Farm

Hidden footage captured at pork mega-farm Bickmarsh Hall reveals pigs living in filth and suffering from injuries.

dairy goat production

What Are the Impacts of Dairy Goat Production?

Goat milk has become increasingly popular, yet most consumers are unaware of the environmental and animal welfare impacts of dairy goat production.

Farmed Shrimp

America’s Farmed Shrimp Habit Is Fueling Antibiotic Resistance

Much of the farmed shrimp eaten in the U.S. is raised in India, where antibiotic use is rampant and underreported.

Broiler chickens

Why Do We Call Them Broiler Chickens?

The poultry industry uses the term “broiler chickens” to describe birds farmed for meat. But where exactly does the term come from?

What does "free-range" mean?

What Does “Free-Range” Mean for the Animals?

You might think “free-range” meat comes from happy animals but in reality, the label is no guarantee the farm meets any animal welfare standards.

What Is Grazing?

What Is Grazing?

In animal agriculture, grazing is the practice of allowing animals to roam across land. Grazing allows animals to behave naturally but it also comes with many environmental downsides.

is organic food better for you

Is Organic Food Better for You?

What makes a food “organic”? One survey found only 20 percent of respondents knew the answer.

young girl carrying harvest of strawberries in a greenhouse

What Is a Food System?

Food systems refer to different ways societies organize the production and distribution of food. While some types put a strain on the planet, others have a smaller impact.

how many cows are killed per year

How Many Cows Are Killed Each Year?

Almost 300 million cattle were slaughtered globally in 2020, despite research suggesting cows are capable of feeling pain and distress.

companies failing cage-free commitments

21 Brands Fail to Keep Cage-Free Promises

Wendy’s and other national brands are failing to make good on their cage-free egg commitments.

why are egg prices so high?

8 Reasons Why Eggs Are So Expensive Right Now

Wondering why egg prices are skyrocketing? A mix of reasons — avian flu, inflation and shifting demand are all partly to blame.

Diseases Are Bred on All Animal Farms, Even the Ranches

A growing body of evidence shows that both intensive and extensive farms are increasing the risk of the next pandemic.

How Much Time Do Cattle Spend on Feedlots?

U.S. cattle feedlots house over 13 million cattle annually, maximizing growth before slaughter.

worst facts about factory farms

6 of the Worst Facts About Factory Farms 

More than 21,000 factory farms raise and slaughter billions of livestock animals each year in the U.S.

New Study Shows Staggering Increase in Heatstroke-Induced Chicken Culls

Between February and August of last year, more than half of commercial chicken depopulations used ventilation shutdown.

Broiler chick

How Many Chickens Are Killed Each Year?

Over 8 billion chickens are killed each year by the food industry.

Insect Farming

Insect Farming: What Types of Bugs Are Farmed?

Each year, over a trillion insects are farmed for human consumption.

dairy farming

Why Is Dairy Farming Bad?

Dairy farming is the practice of raising animals such as cows, goats and buffalo to produce milk for human consumption.

poultry farming

How Many Poultry Farms Are There in the U.S.?

Poultry farming is a popular method of food production that raises billions of animals each year for meat.

where your caviar comes from

This Is Where Your Caviar Comes From

Touring a caviar farm gives a rare glimpse into the life of a captive sturgeon.

chatbot chatgpt talks to sentient media

We Asked ChatGPT How to Fix Our Food System

What does ChatGPT think about factory farming?

2022 Sentient Media Year in Review

Sentient Media’s 2022 Year in Review

Top posts from 2022 and more.

what is veal

Where Does Veal Come From?

In this explainer, we answer the question what is veal?

factory farm expansion

Ireland Braces for Factory Farm Expansion

36 new factory farms are slated to open in Ireland, pending approval from the Irish EPA.

Plant Based Price Parity

Don’t Count Plant-based Meat Out Just Yet

The plant-based industry skeptics are ignoring a crucial factor: price parity.

156 North Carolina Factory Farms at Risk for Flooding

Climate change is causing more North Carolina farms to flood, killing animals and flooding the streets with their manure.

oyster farming

What Are the Environmental Impacts of Oyster Farming?

Oyster farming produces few greenhouse gas emissions but that doesn’t mean it’s good for the planet.

Is aquaculture good or bad?

Is Aquaculture Good or Bad?

In 2015, more than 100 million metric tons of fish were produced from aquaculture operations.