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The State of Mink Farming: What Changed During the Pandemic

Advocates have worked for decades to educate the public about the danger of mink farms. During the pandemic, their work became hyper-relevant.

man speaking at the American Farm Bureau Federation

The American Farm Bureau Federation Claims It’s the ‘Voice of Agriculture.’ These Groups Beg to Differ.

With millions of members, the American Farm Bureau Federation says it represents “divergent opinions.” But the farmers outside its circle believe it leans “heavily towards corporate interests.”

‘A Cow’s Life’: The BBC Documentary Everyone Is Talking About

A new BBC Panorama documentary has viewers taking to social media to decry the “shocking” and “inhumane” treatment of cows in the dairy industry.

What Would Happen if the U.S. Banned Factory Farming?

Meat, dairy, and eggs are woven into the fabric of American life and have been for as long as most will remember. But that, too, can change.

laying hen caged in a factory farm

What Happens Behind Closed Doors in the Egg Industry

The egg industry is a dark, complicated place. We took a closer look at the mistreatment of birds on egg farms and what you can do to help.

laying hens caged in a factory farm

Egg Farming: What the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Egg farming is the practice of raising birds—such as chickens, ducks, and geese—to produce eggs for human use. Take a look inside this secretive industry.

Cory Booker: ‘Climate Movement Doesn’t Talk Enough About Food’

Sen. Cory Booker wants to end the uncontrolled expansion of factory farming in the U.S., and he’s looking to the climate movement for help.

The Growth of Factory Farming in Kenya: An Interview with Judy Muriithi

Brighter Green’s Kwolanne Felix spoke with the founder of Lawyers for Animal Protection Africa about the growth of industrial agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa.

In Zimbabwe, Poultry Farmers Face a New Foe: Antibiotic Resistance

The rapid increase of antibiotic resistance is threatening the future of poultry farming in Zimbabwe. Experts say education is the root of the problem.

Rise of Antibiotic Resistance Threatens Farmers’ Way of Life

Farmers say they’re not to blame for the abuse of medically important drugs in animal agriculture. The problem, as they see it, is much more complicated.

Is This the Beginning of the End for Foie Gras?

Foie gras directly translates to “fat liver,” which is exactly what it is. Learn more about the birds who suffer so that people can eat this so-called delicacy.

Spanish Politician Sparks Fierce Debate Over Future of Factory Farming

Alberto Garzón recently called out his nation’s factory farming industry for being unsustainable. The criticisms were long overdue.

Antibiotic Resistance and Animal Farming: What You Need to Know

Experts believe that drug-resistant bacteria, many of which are born on factory farms, could be the cause of the next pandemic. We took a closer look.

Just 17 Plants Slaughtered 65% of U.S. Pigs Last Year

The number of hogs slaughtered dropped in the first few months of the pandemic before recovering to match—and in some cases exceed—2019 levels.

We Need to End Octopus Farming Before It Starts

Wild octopus populations are declining due to overfishing. But instead of addressing the problem, companies are spending millions on octopus farms.

The Truth About Duck Farming: What Happens Behind Closed Doors

On large-scale duck farms, thousands of ducks are crammed together with no access to water. The rest of their lives is increasingly unnatural.

Inside the Dramatic Rise of Factory Farming in Africa

While factory farming is most prevalent in the Global North, it is gaining political support in Africa, and animals are paying the price.

cereal boxes on counter display

How Power and Influence Corrupts Big Food Companies

Big Food is characterized by the domination of major food markets by a few large companies. In the food industry, the lack of competition leads to a host of problems.

Why It’s So Hard to Prevent Disease Outbreaks on Factory Farms

It’s almost impossible to keep a factory farm free of disease. Culling doesn’t always work. Antibiotics have their own host of problems, and vaccines do too.

USDA Releases Years of Slaughterhouse Records Following Lawsuit

New records released by the USDA reveal the handling of farmed animals in slaughterhouses over the past five years. This marks a major step towards transparency in the food supply chain.

cows at dairy farm

What Life Is Like for America’s 10 Million Dairy Cows

Dairy cows are kind, emotional, and social creatures. However, the dairy industry sees them as nothing more than sources of milk.

woman hugging dog in a garden

Interview: The Future of Pet Food With Ryan Bethencourt

Sentient Media recently sat down with Ryan Bethencourt, CEO of Wild Earth, to talk about how his company is shaking up the pet food industry.

Why Some Food Labels Are More Trustworthy Than Others

At a small, family-run dairy farm near Bath, England, cows are suffering. You wouldn’t know that by looking at the label, though. In fact, you might think the opposite.

America’s Food Safety System Failed to Stop a Salmonella Epidemic. It’s Still Making People Sick.

For years, a dangerous salmonella strain has sickened thousands and continues to spread through the chicken industry. The USDA knows about it. So do the companies. And yet, contaminated meat continues to be sold to consumers.

Exploring Alternative Proteins and the Future of Meat Production

Protein is one of the four main food groups that form a balanced diet. Our bodies use proteins as building blocks for our skin, bones, muscle, vitamins, and hormones.

How ‘Landless’ Pig Farms Break Animal Welfare Rules and Get Away With It

The rise of intensive animal agriculture in the EU has created a new phenomenon: the landless farm. Exempt from key welfare protections, these farms pose a serious threat to farmed animals.

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Emails Show Meat CEOs Lobbied Federal Officials During Pandemic

The leaders of pork company Smithfield Foods and chicken producer Perdue Farms were in regular contact with government officials as the coronavirus began sweeping through their plants.

Food Upcycling’s Untapped Potential

One-third of food produced around the world ends up in garbage cans and landfills. Advocates point to a simple solution: reusing food instead of throwing it away.

The Firms Keeping Big Ag in Business

Between 2015 and 2020, financial institutions gave over $478 billion to meat and dairy corporations around the world, largely without scrutiny.

nutrition facts table

13 Misleading Food Label Claims and How Not to Be Tricked

Food labels frequently use carefully crafted language that misleads consumers to believe the products are healthier or more sustainable than they actually are.