Big Ag

More Pigs Than People in Spain

There are 3.5 million more pigs than people in Spain, an increase of about 9…

How Do Hog Farms Operate?

Hog producers are often contracted by corporate pork producers to raise hogs for processing. The…

o que é pecuária intensiva
Factory Farming: The Horrifying Secrets Behind the Scenes

When you don’t spend your hard-earned money on the products of factory farming, you send a clear message to the farmers. If enough people refuse to buy these products, factory farms would have to shut down — or change the way they operate.

When America’s Biggest Meat Company Came to Tonganoxie, Kansas

Residents were shocked at the proposal, not to mention the $500 million in tax-free loans the county had promised Tyson.

Livestock Farming Takes Up 41% of U.S. Land

Livestock farming takes up 41% of all U.S. land. See for yourself in this Bloomberg…

Animal Transport in the EU

28 different sets of animal welfare rules exist in the EU. But the second the animals…