Big Ag

Calf Life: A Story of Opioids, Export, and Abuse

Journalist Sophie Kevany reports from the front lines of the dairy industry, where there are suggestions cows might need opioids to cope with the stress of calf separations.

From Brazilian Pastures to Middle Eastern Slaughterhouses

Footage captured by undercover investigators shows the tragic last moments of life faced by countless animals in Middle Eastern slaughterhouses after the long journey from Brazil.

We Now Know Fish Feel Pain. Why Continue Harming Them In The Billions?

The science is clear: fish can feel pain and want to avoid it. Can we continue to ignore the facts in the face of killing as many as one trillion aquatic animals every year?

America’s Largest Foie Gras Distributor Sued for Deceptive Marketing

Within 24 hours of a city-wide foie gras ban passing in New York City, animal rights group Voters for Animal Rights filed a suit against the largest foie gras distributor in the United States.

Reports Challenge Meat Industry Expansion Claims

Meat industry forecasts of rising demand are being challenged by new reports that see the future of animal-derived proteins as limited to bleak.

Advocates Agree: Increasing Kill Line Speeds Puts Animals and Workers at Risk

In the name of efficiency and productivity, kill line speeds are increasing in North American slaughterhouses. This is very bad for the animals, and bad for the people, too.

salmon hatchery cruelty
Suffering by the Millions at Atlantic Salmon Hatchery

Groundbreaking undercover investigation of salmon aquaculture exposes cruel, filthy practices of the industrial fish farming industry.

pig slaughter investigation
VIDEO: Inside an Italian Pig Slaughterhouse

New footage from Animal Equality shows the disturbing reality inside an Italian pig slaughterhouse. The violence is savage, but not outside the norm.

JBS USA: Behind America’s Leading Meat Processor

JBS USA is a leading American meat processor responsible for some of the worst recalls, environmental scandals, and animal cruelty cases ever seen before.

Chicken at feeder
Tyson Foods: How Many Chickens Does Tyson Kill Per Day?

Tyson Foods produces 20 percent of the United States’ chicken, pork, and beef products. Their market dominance is won at the cost of cruelty to animals, harm to the environment, and risk to human health.