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“I Remember Their Eyelashes”: Why I Chose to Stop Consuming Dairy

The ditch dairy argument can be a tough pill to swallow. This is not meant to shame anyone, simply to share my story of why I chose to stop consuming dairy.

Buying Meat? Don’t Believe What You Read on the Label

By not being upfront with consumers, labeling systems are making the industry seem like it is doing more than it actually is to improve animal welfare.

Fish Are the Forgotten Victims of Factory Farming

Fish receive fewer legal protections than almost any other animal and are confined with even less understanding of their individual needs.

GMO chicken
GMO Chicken: Are Chickens Bred to Suffer?

GMO chickens have not been subject to gene transfers, DNA editing, or splicing in a lab. However, their genes have been modified in a broad sense through the process of selective breeding.

chicken antibiotics
How Chicken Antibiotics Could Cause the Next Global Health Crisis

The industry’s excessive use of chicken antibiotics shows us just how far producers will go to treat the symptoms of animal agriculture before changing the conditions themselves.

top pork producing states
Top Pork Producing States: Who Is the Largest Pork Producer in the U.S.?

Following China, the U.S. is the world’s second-largest producer of pigs. The top pork producing states account for nearly 72 million pigs, and almost all of them are raised on factory farms.

The Rise of an Empire

With as many as 800,000 boats in the water, some as far afield as Argentina, China is unmatched in the size and reach of its fishing vessels. Ian Urbina reports on the fleet’s global fishing dominance.

Imagine Living in a Cage Filled with Millions of Tiny Parasitic Sea Lice

A new investigation from Viva! brings us deep inside the lives of farmed fish, who suffer from overcrowding and pain on a daily basis.

live animal export
Live Animal Export: How Many Animals Die During Transport?

Live animal export is one of the single greatest threats to animal welfare. Every year, billions of animals are crammed into cargo holds, and many don’t make it out alive.

fish farm
Fish Farming Is Not As Sustainable As We Thought

Fish farming was supposed to be a more sustainable way to meet the global demand for seafood. But as aquaculture gains in popularity, so does its environmental impact.