Big Ag

Why California Cities Should Divest from Factory Farms

Berkeley recently became the first city in California to urge the state’s $444-billion pension fund to divest from the factory farming industry. Will San Francisco and Los Angeles follow suit?

The Food System on Mars: Humanity’s Do-Over?

Mars gives us a chance to start over and leave many of Earth’s worst practices behind. While it sounds far-fetched, life on the red planet will almost certainly be free of animal suffering.

Watch: What It’s Like to Live Next to a Factory Farm

A 2020 film by Greenpeace tells the story of Michel Pouret-Frydendahl and his neighbors, who live near three intensive pig farms in Denmark. No other country in the world produces more pigs per capita.

number of chickens in the u.s.
Why the Number of Chickens in the U.S. Is Skyrocketing

The number of chickens in the U.S. is growing, and chicken production has even overtaken pig farming to become the top source of meat worldwide. Find out why.

Subsidized Slaughter: The Role of the State in Animal Agriculture

You can walk into a McDonald’s anywhere in the U.S. and buy a burger for $1. The plant-based alternative is far more expensive. Have you ever stopped to wonder why?

New Investigation Exposes One of the Darkest Corners of the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry works hard to convince consumers that its milk is cruelty-free. But a new investigation into the trade of days-old dairy calves tells a different story.

When 4-H Kids Choose Sanctuary Over Slaughter

Writer Jessica Scott-Reid has a message for 4-H children everywhere who dutifully raise farmed animals only to watch them sold off to the highest bidder: There is another option.

what is veal
Inside the Veal Industry: Where Dairy Calves Go to Die

If you are wondering what is veal or where does it come from, you’re in for a rude awakening. Veal is meat from baby cows, who are killed when they are between six and eight months old.

battery cage
Why You Should Care Where Your Eggs Come From

Low-welfare solutions like battery cages are still popular in the U.S., but there’s a reason you may not have seen one before. They cause animals so much pain that they must be kept completely out of sight.

egg production
How Egg Production Became a $200-Billion Industry

Egg production is far from the idyllic image of a mother hen sitting atop her nest. Big Ag has corrupted the process, creating cheap eggs at the expense of billions of anguished chickens.