Big Ag

Inside the Dark World of Rabbit Farming

Rabbit is often celebrated as the “most sustainable” meat, but it emits more carbon per kilogram than both chicken and pork and causes millions of animals to suffer.

organic farming
Organic Farming: A Welcome Alternative to Industrial Agriculture

Organic farming is a system of agriculture that does not use pesticides or other harmful practices that are typical of industrial farms when growing plants and raising animals for food.

Hogwood Farm: A Modern Horror Story

After four years investigating one of Britain’s largest and most contentious pig farms, the team at Viva! shows just how far the industry is willing to go to hide the truth.

department of agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Who Does the USDA Really Serve?

Since its inception in 1861, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s primary function was to serve the interests of farmers, often at the expense of public health and the environment.

how long do cows live
Most Cows Don’t Die of Old Age

Cows can live for many years. But like other animals used in agriculture, their lifespans are cut short by the meat and dairy industries. So, how long do cows live naturally?

Fish Farming Giant Faces Animal Abuse Allegations

Atlantic Sapphire, one of the largest fish farming companies in the world, is under fire after 800,000 fish died at its Florida facility. The company could face criminal charges.

Animal Farmers Respond to the Rise of Plant-Based Meat

For decades, small farmers have been suffering at the hands of industrial agriculture. Now, some fear the growing popularity of plant-based foods could give big meat producers even more power.

The Hidden Cost of Italy’s Meat Industry

Every year in Italy, nearly 600 million animals are killed and sold as 2.6 million tons of meat. But there’s a catch: all of the industry’s profits cannot even begin to cover its costs.

future of food
The Future of Food Has to Be More Sustainable—Here’s Why

Our current food system is fueled by factory farming. That needs to change—and fast—if we are going to feed 10 billion people by 2050.

We Should All Be Worried About the United Nations Food Systems Summit

A battle for the future of food is underway. The UN is facing heavy criticism over its corporate ties and lack of inclusivity ahead of the Food Systems Summit later this year.