Big Ag

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Dairy Industry Spends Millions on “Education Programs” for Children

In Australia, children as young as age five—who are naturally inclined to love and care about animals—are being “educated” by the dairy industry.

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The Livestock Lobby’s Ploy to Write the Green New Deal

Ecosystems around the globe have been driven to the brink by agricultural encroachment. Now, growing interest in regenerative agriculture is giving the industry a brand new way to green-wash its image.

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Big Ag Has Almost Every Advantage. Animal Outlook Is Taking It Back.

Animal Outlook, formerly Compassion Over Killing, has revolutionized animal cruelty investigations, going deep undercover to bring the truth to light.

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“If the Industry Won’t Tell the Truth, We Will”: Animal Equality’s Fight Continues

Through corporate responsibility programs, media campaigns, and groundbreaking investigations, Animal Equality is making the choice to support animal rights an easy one.

The USDA Is Gutting Pig Slaughterhouse Rules. These Groups Are Fighting Back.

Pig slaughterhouses are now allowed to operate slaughter lines at any speed they choose. But how can an industry responsible for so much suffering be expected to regulate itself?

Cooked Alive: Transport Animals Face Deadliest Temperatures Yet

Heat waves aren’t just a people problem. When food, water, shade, and safe transport are scarce, farm animals are often the first ones to suffer.

Hypocrisy on the Highway: Where Are Those Animal Transport Trucks Heading and Why Don’t We Talk About It?

Most people consider themselves animal lovers and take any opportunity to admire them, including as they pass by in transport trucks on the highway. Not many people, though, question where those trucks are heading. The disconnect between our food choices and their sources is appalling, but not surprising.

“This Is Horrific Abuse”: Rooney Mara Joins Shocking Investigation of Factory Farming

Relating her first-hand experiences in an investigation with Animal Equality, actor Rooney Mara exposes the reality of factory farming. “It’s so much more awful than you can even imagine.”

Calf Life: A Story of Opioids, Export, and Abuse

Journalist Sophie Kevany reports from the front lines of the dairy industry, where there are suggestions cows might need opioids to cope with the stress of calf separations.

From Brazilian Pastures to Middle Eastern Slaughterhouses

Footage captured by undercover investigators shows the tragic last moments of life faced by countless animals in Middle Eastern slaughterhouses after the long journey from Brazil.