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ukraine food war
‘Food Over Feed’: War in Ukraine Highlights Need for Dietary Change

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has caused the price of animal feed to skyrocket, intensifying food insecurity in much of the global south.

superbugs chicken plant
Superbugs on the Shelves: Diseased Chicken Being Sold Across America

A new investigation reveals that companies routinely exceed level of bacteria allowed by USDA—and do not have to recall their products.

milk grocery store
What You Should Know About the World’s Top Dairy Companies

In the U.S., dairy farms generate $628 billion annually. And while they add to the GDP of many countries, they also cause harm that cannot be undone.

farm subsidies
Why Is U.S. Farming So Heavily Subsidized?

Farm subsidies are often cited as one of the major problems in our food system. But what are they? Learn more about which subsidies farmers receive and why.

salmon farm
New Study Shows How ‘Inefficient and Inequitable’ Food Systems Can Be

A new study reveals that millions of tons of fish caught in the global south are being fed to farmed salmon sold for human consumption in wealthier countries.

dairy cow barn
What Happens to Dairy Cows When They Get Old?

In the dairy industry, a cow’s life is segmented into predictable, routine steps to help farms make the most profit. We took a closer look at what happens next.

Experts Say Dairy Farming Is ‘Hardly Natural’. The Industry Doesn’t Agree.

The dairy industry will say almost anything, and we mean anything, to protect its image. Experts say this time it has gone too far.

chicks on a farm
The Key Differences Between Cage-Free and Free-Range Eggs

The terms cage-free and free-range may seem very similar but in reality, there are some key differences between the two. Here’s what you need to know.

The State of Mink Farming: What Changed During the Pandemic

Advocates have worked for decades to educate the public about the danger of mink farms. During the pandemic, their work became hyper-relevant.

man speaking at the American Farm Bureau Federation
The American Farm Bureau Federation Claims It’s the ‘Voice of Agriculture.’ These Groups Beg to Differ.

With millions of members, the American Farm Bureau Federation says it represents “divergent opinions.” But the farmers outside its circle believe it leans “heavily towards corporate interests.”