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The Other Pandemic: Avian Flu Is Spreading Around the Globe

As the world continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, a parallel scenario is unfolding in the avian world. Outbreaks of avian flu have been detected on poultry farms from the UK to Japan.

Live Markets Aren’t Just China’s Problem

Many Americans are quick to blame the pandemic on China’s eating habits while ignoring the issues with their own food system.

did animal agriculture cause covid-19
Coronavirus: Did Animal Agriculture Cause COVID-19?

Factory farming poses a serious pandemic risk, which begs the question: Did animal agriculture cause COVID-19?

“We Stand at a Crossroads”: Jane Goodall Joins Call for UN to Address Animals

Advocates are asking the United Nations to consider the role of animals in their COVID-19 recovery policies. They fear the return to ‘business as usual’ could lead to another deadly pandemic.

zoonotic diseases chicken
Factory Farms Are the Perfect Breeding Grounds for Zoonotic Diseases

Factory farms are filthy and unnatural, housing tens of thousands of animals at a time. These conditions increase the spread of zoonotic diseases from animals to human beings.

In China, Traditional Remedies for COVID-19 Are Fueling the Wildlife Trade

The sale of wildlife for human consumption was made illegal in most of China following the outbreak of COVID-19, but thanks to loopholes in the legislation, the wildlife trade is still very much alive.

Pandemic Driving Virtual Connections Between Kids & Rescued Farmed Animals

Sanctuaries are implementing pen-pal programs in which children write letters to rescued farmed animals and—with the help of sanctuary workers—receive “replies” from the animals.

Mink Farming’s Pandemic Potential

In Denmark, a new strain of COVID-19 originally found in minks has jumped to humans and could threaten the efficacy of newly developed coronavirus vaccines.

Meatpacking Workers Say Attendance Policy Forces Them to Work with Potential COVID-19 Symptoms

In April, despite his fever, a meatpacking worker continued to carve neck bones out of pig carcasses at a JBS plant in Iowa. Two weeks later, he would test positive for COVID-19.

bird poultry barn
“A Huge Lack of Transparency”: The Problem With USDA’s $19-Billion Coronavirus Relief Program

Millions of farmed animals are being killed as the industry receives billions in COVID-19 federal aid. Advocates want to know where the money is going.