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duck farm animals
The Psychology Behind Loving Ducks and Eating Them Too

Raising a baby duck is a trendy new pastime during the pandemic, but it can get complicated. Jessica Scott-Reid examines the growing distance between the animals we love and the animals we eat.

wet market food
From Wet Markets to Meatpacking: Why Animal Advocacy Fails Without Anti-Racism

The U.S. has a long history of marking various oppressed groups as “Other,” especially in times of economic scarcity and crisis. COVID-19 is no different.

farm broiler chicken
To Avoid the Next Pandemic, We Need to Stop Factory Farming

Industrial animal agriculture is exacerbating the risks of zoonotic diseases. Are elected officials ready to dismantle the system that got us into this mess?

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Is Speciesism Driving the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Reluctance to question humans’ exploitation of animals creates a dangerous disconnect in the public’s understanding of COVID-19 and its ongoing risks. Lorelei Plotczyk shares her perspective.

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When Gassing Animals to Death Doesn’t Work

If gassing doesn’t always work, why is it an approved method of depopulating farmed animals? Award-winning veterinarian Dr. Jonas Watson explains.

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Post COVID-19, Let’s Forge a New Normal for Farmed Animals

More than 20 million farmed animals could be needlessly put to death during the pandemic. It doesn’t have to be this way.

New Mini-Doc Exposes Pork Industry’s “Unseen” Pandemic Risks

The mini-documentary chronicles pigs’ harrowing 700-mile journey across the American southwest, exposing widespread corporate misconduct that threatens public health.

backyard chicken hen
More Chickens Finding Backyard Homes During Pandemic

Since the pandemic began, sales of chickens to homeowners have been dramatically increasing. But is raising backyard chickens really any more ethical than supporting factory farming?

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Got Mucus? Ditch Dairy to Better Fight COVID-19

Maintain a strong immune system during the pandemic by consuming nourishing foods while avoiding dangerous foods, like dairy, that worsen respiratory health problems.

slaughterhouse worker black
Slaughterhouse Workers File Civil Rights Lawsuit Against USDA

Black, Latino, and Asian slaughterhouse workers suffered disproportionately as the meat industry scrambled to respond to COVID-19. Now, they’re demanding justice.