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dairy cows milked
COVID-19 Revealing Inherent Cruelty of Agribusiness

During the coronavirus crisis, agribusiness’s callous treatment of its workers and blatant disregard for animal welfare has reached a new low.

wet market meat
Wet Markets and the Risk of Transmitting Zoonotic Diseases

Wet markets can be places of profound animal suffering, out of which arise life-threatening diseases like the novel coronavirus. And they exist all over the world.

slaughterhouse sheep workers
Meat-Free Future? Coronavirus Exposes America’s Fragile Food System

Supply chain problems and workplace infection risks mean experts are urging U.S. producers to focus on sustainability.

slaughterhouse workers
COVID-19 Isn’t the Only Sickness Spreading Through Meat Plants

From coronavirus and E. coli, to crime, cruelty, and ecocide, the meat industry incubates a plethora of ills. Why, then, does government underwrite it with billions in subsidies?

pig slaughter farm
Suffocating Healthy Farmed Animals During Pandemic Is Not “Euthanasia”

Using the term “euthanasia,” which literally means “a good death,” to describe the mass killing of overpopulated farmed animals is a misnomer. They suffer horrific deaths.

pig farm hand
VIDEO: How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

Plant-based campaigners Million Dollar Vegan explain the fundamental changes necessary to avoid the next pandemic. Experts warn that if we don’t act now, we may not have another chance to.

face mask medical
Factory Farming Depends on Scarce Medical Supplies

With the availability of medical masks in such short supply, respirators should be sold only to truly “essential” industries—which excludes factory farming.

NYSE PETA activist shareholder
PETA Buys Shares In Slaughterhouses

PETA plans to use its shareholder position to influence Tyson, Smithfield, and others to switch to packing only plant-based meats.

teaching kids about animal exploitation
Explaining Pandemics and Animal Exploitation to My 3-Year-Old Son

The COVID-19 pandemic raises a lot of questions, especially by children whose worlds were turned upside-down. How should parents address those difficult questions?

pangolin trafficked animal
Has Earth’s Most Trafficked Mammal Stopped the World?

Pangolins are the most trafficked mammal on earth, sold for their meat and scales in wildlife markets around the world. The quirky, anteater-like animal is now at the center of the COVID-19 crisis.