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Cook Vegan at Home to Protest What Got Us Here

Cooking vegan during the coronavirus pandemic is a way to protest the profit- and animal exploitation-driven systems that got us here.

slaughterhouse workers
Profit Over People: The Meat Industry’s Exploitation of Vulnerable Workers

Slaughterhouses have always been viewed negatively because of what happens to animals behind their walls. But how workers are treated is also despicable.

pig cage suffering
Farmed Animals Culled En Masse as COVID-19 Outbreaks Halt Meat and Dairy Production

With COVID-19 closures impacting meat and dairy supply chains, the industry faces a choice: stay open and risk the lives of its employees, or shut down and force farmers to cull millions of animals.

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The Psychology of Blaming Others During the Time of COVID-19

Humans are emotionally invested in ensuring that, whatever happens, the spotlight of blame never shines directly on us. So we blame wet markets in Asia for the spread of COVID-19 instead of ourselves.

wet market slaughter
How to Prevent Future Pandemics: Fix the Broken Food System

There is a common link between many past pandemics and the one we are facing today: the human consumption of animals. Can we change the current food system without changing habits and minds?

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Vegan Dystopia—“Vystopia”—on the Rise with Spread of COVID-19

Even during these challenging times, animal advocates must channel their energies in as many ways as possible to create positive change for animals.

meat plant beef
JBS Kept Colorado Beef Plant Open for Weeks During Pandemic. Now 3 Workers Are Dead

Sources inside the facility say management failed to adequately inform workers when the first COVID-19 cases broke out on the line. In fact, they did the opposite—offering workers bonuses to keep them coming back.

Coronavirus Pandemic Revitalizing Dispute Over Spanish Bullfighting

Public support for the bullfighting industry has been dwindling for years. The coronavirus pandemic is creating a novel opportunity for Spain to abolish the “sport” once and for all.

factory farm chicken
To Reduce the Risk of Pandemics, We Must Ban Factory Farms Now

Regulating the factory farming industry is not enough to minimize its risks. A total ban is necessary because it expresses that factory farming is deeply harmful to humans, animals, and the environment.

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The Best Defense Against the Next Pandemic: Your Fork

As long as humans insist on abusing and exploiting animals on factory farms, stronger and deadlier pathogens than the novel coronavirus will emerge from the global food system.