Turns Out Humans Aren’t So Great After All

The pandemic and ongoing climate crisis have shown us that humans are no better for the survival of the planet than any other species. In many ways, they’re worse.

A Brief History of Meatless Meat and Milkless Cheese

Beyond Meat and Kite Hill were not the first plant-based products to gain international attention. It turns out these modern marvels are taking pages from our ancient culinary past.

How Soy Went From Fringe Food to Popular Meat Substitute

While 80 percent of the world’s soy is fed to animals, it is also a popular meat substitute and is starting to play a larger role in many people’s diets.

Why Do We Eat Animals?

While there are plenty of reasons not to eat animals, positive arguments for eating animals are, it seems, hard to come by. Is it taste, convenience, or ignorance that compels us to eat animals?

how do vegans get protein
Why Protein Isn’t a Problem for Vegans

How do vegans get protein, you ask? Surprisingly, a balanced vegan diet contains more than enough protein to meet one’s nutritional needs.

Fashion Gets Far Less Focus From Animal Activists—That Needs to Change

Just as we all eat, we all get dressed, every single day. That’s why fashion needs to be included more seriously in the scope of animal activism.

Animals Are More Sentient Than You Think

Commercial and cultural forces constantly work to deny the quality of sentience to non-human animals. Even when science clearly shows most animals are sentient, this denial is mainstream.

do cows play
Do Cows Play? What Cows Can Teach Us About Friendship

Cows are playful, intelligent, aware, and highly social. It turns out we have a lot to learn about friendship from these beautiful creatures.

Cultivated Meat Could Radically Transform Animal Agriculture: Investor and Author Jim Mellon

Jim Mellon’s new book, Moo’s Law, helps readers understand the quickly evolving investment landscape in cultivated and plant-based proteins.

VIDEO: How Sweet Farm Helps Animals Rescued from Factory Farms

Join us as we visit Sweet Farm, an animal sanctuary located in Half Moon Bay, California, that is home to over 100 rescued animals.