Veganism in India: Goodmylk Founder Abhay Rangan Weighs In

The success of Rangan’s business lends credence to his steadfast belief that “what is good from an ethical standpoint is often what is good for [business] too.”

The Quiet Power of Farmed Animal Sanctuaries

Unique connections are made at farmed animal sanctuaries, and a new study shows that they have the power to inspire real change in their visitors.

How My Family Came to Love a Plant-Based Thanksgiving

As more and more people stop eating animal products, families are finding new ways to share traditional holiday meals.

Human-Cat Relationships Are Complex—Here’s Why

Modern-day cat ownership raises ethical questions with no neat answers. As long as humans continue to keep cats as companions, we should make every effort to enrich their lives as much as they do ours.

lab-grown meat
Lab-Grown Meat: What Is Cultured Meat and How Is It Made?

Lab-grown meat is a new concept but it’s one that could greatly benefit animals, the environment, and our health. It’s the best shot at ending animal agriculture as we know it.

New Photography Collection Exposes the Hidden War on Animals

The book features the work of 40 photojournalists from around the world, offering an “unflinching” look at our conflict with non-human animals around the globe.

cow person sanctuary
Why Rescue Some But Serve Others? Animal Rescue Shelters Facing Ethical Dilemma

Surprisingly, many animal sanctuaries and shelters still serve meat at fundraisers and other functions. But in the wake of the pandemic, their menus are becoming more aligned with their missions.

Collaboration and Activism: Strength Through Alliances

The fourth installment of Sentient Sessions explored the power and opportunity that can arise when movements join forces.

Why Aren’t We All Boycotting Factory Farms?

Social movements have long used consumer abstentions to help achieve their goals. It’s time to acknowledge and adopt a boycott on animal products as a key tactic in the fight for justice.

farmed animal pig
World Day for Farmed Animals Sheds Light on Flawed Food System

In the time you’ve spent reading this article, roughly 231,396 animals have been slaughtered for food.