VIDEO: How Sweet Farm Helps Animals Rescued from Factory Farms

Join us as we visit Sweet Farm, an animal sanctuary located in Half Moon Bay, California, that is home to over 100 rescued animals.

ethics of eating fish
The Complicated Ethics of Eating Fish

The ethics of eating fish are lost on most consumers because they rarely stop to think about what—or who—they are eating.

protest animal rights
Sentient Media 2020 Year in Review

In one short, very strange year, Sentient Media reached over 25 million people. Your support pushes our impact further.

animal rights
Understanding Animal Rights: The Bold Idea That Started a Movement

The belief that animals should be accorded some form of rights is an ancient one. In its modern form, the list of basic animal rights is becoming more concrete.

How the Western Diet Affects Global Food Choices

Foods that are popular in white-dominated, wealthy nations are often considered more desirable by developing countries, but they come with their own costs.

Letter From Our Executive Director

Everyone at Sentient Media would like to share how every single member of our community…

In a Perfect World, There Would Be No Animal Suffering

Utopian visions of a post-COVID-19 future can only come to life if we first consider the needs of all sentient beings, especially those trapped in the food system.

What Does “Milk” Mean to Indian Consumers?

The government has reevaluated what counts as milk and what doesn’t, stifling competition for India’s dairy sector, which is already the largest in the world.

Veganism in India: Goodmylk Founder Abhay Rangan Weighs In

The success of Rangan’s business lends credence to his steadfast belief that “what is good from an ethical standpoint is often what is good for [business] too.”

The Quiet Power of Farmed Animal Sanctuaries

Unique connections are made at farmed animal sanctuaries, and a new study shows that they have the power to inspire real change in their visitors.