climate change
Eating Less Meat Is the Most Effective Way to Fight Climate Change

Eating less meat is the most powerful tool we have to avoid climate destruction. Here are a few tips to help you eat more sustainably.

drone field
How Drones Could Help Us Coexist With Wildlife

Human-wildlife conflict is on the rise. Drones offer us a kinder future for wildlife management, one that protects both people and animals.

killer whale
The Biggest Threats Facing Killer Whales in Pacific Northwest

Researcher Deborah Giles is on the frontlines of efforts to understand—and help protect—critically endangered Southern Residents.

sustainable farming
How This Traditional Farming Practice Became a Top Climate Solution

The latest IPCC report states in its strongest terms yet the need for action to reduce emissions, and one of the key strategies it outlines for policymakers is agroecology.

lady bug food web
What Is a Food Web? A Simple Definition (With Examples)

All of life is interconnected, and a food web is one way to show how important each plant, animal, fungus, and bacteria is to habitats around the world.

rescued pangolin
Rescued Pangolins Find Sanctuary on the Liberian Coast

Despite their public profile soaring in the last three years, pangolins, dubbed “the world’s most trafficked mammal,” still face an uphill battle for survival.

earth climate change
‘It’s Now or Never’: IPCC Report Demands Immediate Climate Action

The landmark report states that we can halve emissions by the year 2030, but to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we must act immediately.

plant foods
Choosing Plant-Based Foods Could Have Lasting Impact on Biodiversity

A new report from the Food Foundation shows that choosing plant-based foods in place of conventional meat products could have far-reaching impacts on nature.

climate change
Eating Less Meat Is Key to Climate Mitigation

Scientists say dietary change is required to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. Higher-income countries can maximize their impact by eating less meat.

badger cage trap
Britain’s Most Iconic Animal Is Under Attack

In 2021, 33,687 badgers were killed to protect cattle from the spread of Bovine Tuberculosis. By 2025, 140,000 more badgers could die.