Will McDonald’s Ever Stop Expanding?

McDonald’s has around 1,300 restaurants in the UK alone, serving three million beef patties to 3.5 million customers daily. Unfortunately, it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Brazil’s Amazon Now Emits More Carbon Than It Captures

According to a new study, the Brazilian Amazon is emitting more carbon than it captures. The unprecedented rise in emissions is being driven by animal agriculture.

Consumers Play Critical Role in Protecting the Oceans

Over 20 ocean conservation and animal welfare organizations have signed an open letter urging consumers to focus on improving aquatic animal welfare and preserving marine ecosystems.

sustainable farming
Why Sustainable Farming Is More Important Now Than Ever

Sustainable farming is a broad term for the variety of methods used to produce food in ways that nurture society, the environment, and the economy.

Scientists Call for Solving Climate and Biodiversity Crises Together

A new report highlights the importance of confronting climate change and biodiversity loss together. Solutions that take both issues into account have the best chance of success.

Danish Activists Sue Pork Giant Danish Crown Over Climate Slogans

In June, three Danish sustainability organizations filed Denmark’s first climate lawsuit against Danish Crown, accusing the meat company of greenwashing and deceptive marketing.

The Climate Crisis Is Worse Than You Can Imagine. Here’s What Happens If You Try.

A climate scientist spent years trying to get people to pay attention to the disaster ahead. But his frantic effort to reduce his carbon footprint left his family exhausted and searching for answers.

The New Push to Greenwash Factory Farming

Factory farming is trying to clean up its act by turning methane emissions into biogas. But the promise of sustainability could be doing more harm than good.

Not All Food Waste Is Created Equal

Wasted food is a serious problem, especially in America where landfills are overflowing with rotting food. Among that waste, especially on the consumer front? Animals.

The Food We Feed Farmed Animals Has a Massive Environmental Impact

A surprisingly large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions comes from the food we feed farmed animals. But it doesn’t have to be that way.