dairy farm cows
What Are Meat and Dairy Companies Doing to Reduce Emissions?

Danone, Tyson, and other food giants have promised to reduce emissions in their supply chain, as part of an industry-wide push for sustainability. Will they deliver?

amazon fire trees
The $60-Billion Industry Behind Brazil’s Exploitation of the Amazon Rainforest

In the new documentary, Takeout, filmmaker Michal Siewierski takes viewers into the world’s largest rainforest to discuss why the Amazon is burning.

coast turtle beach
The Coasts Are Disappearing. We Need to Protect Them for Everyone.

Climate change is causing sea levels to rise and coasts to disappear. Can we protect these vital ecosystems for humans and other animals at the same time?

Burger King’s New Low-Methane Burgers Aren’t Going to Save Us

The meat industry is under intense scrutiny for its climate impact, with beef singled out as the biggest culprit. But if you want to save the planet, opt for the salad. It’s that simple.

wild horse Brumby
Australian Officials Use Bushfire Recovery Effort to Cover Up Mass Killing of Wild Horses

Environmental officials in Australia are manipulating population data and using COVID-19 scare campaigns to eradicate the Heritage Brumby population. Can they be stopped?

starbucks coffee dairyfree
Dairy-Free Starbucks: A Win for Animals and the Planet

Starbucks serves 80,000 different drink combinations—most of which include dairy. Switching to plant-based milk would dramatically reduce environmental damage and alleviate animal suffering.

meat industry money
It’s Time for Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigners to Take on the Meat Industry

For years, climate campaigners have targeted the financial sector for bankrolling the fossil fuel industry. Next up: the $1.4-trillion meat industry.

palm oil field
Why Is Palm Oil Such a Problem Now?

Palm oil has revolutionized the way we produce a variety of foods and cosmetics. But most people are unaware of how destructive this “magical ingredient” is to the natural environment.

cows farmed animals
From Livestock to Plants: Why Some Farmers Are Making The Switch to More Sustainable Agriculture

Switching from meat production to growing crops for vegan foods can be good for farmers and the environment.

climate protest activists
Climate Protests Move Online Amid Pandemic

In a year of unprecedented social and environmental upheaval, activist groups are scrambling to predict how the pandemic will play out.