How Animal Agriculture Is Accelerating the Climate Crisis

Move over, fossil fuels. The meat and dairy industries have a much bigger part to play in the climate crisis than most people are willing to admit.

Can Permaculture Help Us Build More Resilient Communities?

Permaculture is a way of farming that seeks to work with nature instead of against it. But the use of the term is widely contested as a form of cultural appropriation.

Thousands of Cicada-Lovers Emerge to Document Brood X

Cicadas are far from America’s most beloved insect. But this year, thousands of people have joined in a one-of-a-kind research effort to better understand these gentle creatures.

sustainable agriculture
Can Sustainable Agriculture Fix the Broken Food System?

Sustainable agriculture serves as a much-needed alternative to the industrial farming practices that have been employed in the United States for decades.

Air Pollution From Factory Farms Is Killing Us

A new study has revealed that air pollution from factory farms causes more than 12,000 deaths every year and disproportionately affects low-income areas and communities of color.

marine animals
The Number One Threat to Marine Animals

Human activity is threatening marine animals’ way of life. Instead of asking ourselves how we can fish more sustainably, we should ask what we need to do to ensure their survival.

shark fin
How the Hunt for Shark Fins Is Endangering the Oceans

The shark fin trade claims the lives of 73 million sharks per year. What exactly is shark finning, and why does is it pose such a danger to the oceans?

How Carbon Labels Are Getting People to Eat Less Meat

Carbon labels are making it easier for consumers to choose climate-friendly foods over carbon-heavy ones. Could this inadvertently encourage people to eat less meat?

Climate Groups Finally Recognize the Link Between Factory Farming and Climate Change

We’ve long counted on climate groups to model what a sustainable future looks like—one where single-use plastics are rare and electric cars are business as usual. But what about the way we eat?

JBS Promises to Stop Destroying the Environment—in 14 Years

JBS, the largest meat company on the planet, recently committed to achieving zero deforestation across its global supply chain by 2035. Critics say by then it may be too late.