biogas dairy farm
Are Dairy Digesters the Renewable Energy Answer or a ‘False Solution’ to Climate Change?

Capturing the massive quantities of methane dairy farms emit could reduce overall carbon pollution. But critics say the effort is propping up Big Dairy.

rice farm plant
Could Changing the Way We Farm Rice Be a Climate Solution?

Farmers are focusing on ways to reduce methane emissions and save water to further reduce the staple crop’s climate footprint.

jasmine leyva speaking
Why the Climate Movement Is Failing Us: From A Black Woman Who Doesn’t Trust Science

Jasmine Leyva, director of The Invisible Vegan, unpacks the complicated relationship between people of color and the climate movement.

climate protest co2
How the Environment Has Changed Since the First Earth Day 50 Years Ago

These charts show that while progress has been made in some areas, humanity still has a major impact on the planet.

sweet farm cow
Sanctuary Farms Offer a Model for Future Food System

A handful of farms across North America are blurring ethical lines by incorporating rescued farm animals into plant production. Is this the solution to our broken food system, or part of the problem?

farm washing vegetable
How Will Farms and Restaurants Emerge from Coronavirus? We Asked the Experts

Chefs, farmers, food activists, rural community leaders, and academics weigh in on the state of our food system, during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

david yeung portrait
Q&A: Plant-Based Pioneer David Yeung on the Future Frontier of Sustainable Foods

Reducing meat and dairy consumption is the most impactful action consumers can take to reduce their carbon footprint. No one has championed this message more than David Yeung.

koala wildlife rescue
When Natural Disaster Strikes, Wildlife Pays A Heavy Price

The Australia bushfires killed an estimated 1.25 billion wild animals. Emergency-preparedness plans still often ignore the needs of wildlife populations during and after natural disasters.

australia fires animal
We Kill More Animals Than Australia’s Fires Every Day

Many more farmed animals die every day than were killed by the Amazon and Australia wildfires—farmed animals also suffer more, and are linked to more habitat loss globally.

peas green farming
Farming for the Planet

Feeding the rapidly growing human population, expected to exceed 10 billion people by 2050, hinges on the ability of individual farmers to adopt more sustainable plant-based foods.