european beaver
The Future of Beavers Depends on Learning Lessons From the Past

For years, Scottish farmers saw the native beaver population as a menace. They learned it’s much easier to work with nature’s problem solvers than against them.

fish farms ocean
Is Fish Farming Bad for the Environment?

For years, fish farming was championed as a sustainable alternative to overfishing. But many advocates worry it has unseen consequences.

cattle feedlot
Most Factory Farms Have ‘Free Pass’ to Pollute the Environment

Emissions from factory farms in the U.S. cause more deaths than coal-fired plants. And yet, factory farming is one of the least regulated industries by the EPA.

shark pet food
Researchers Find Endangered Shark DNA in Dog and Cat Food

A new study found shark DNA in about one-third of the cat and dog food samples sequenced. Consumers likely had no idea what they were buying.

Climate Crisis Unfolding Faster Than We Can Adapt, Says IPCC

The latest UN report details the escalating impacts of climate change, which are being driven by “unsustainable” consumption patterns in the Global North.

vegan food climate
How Eating Less Meat Could Help Save the Planet

Animal agriculture is responsible for a large portion of global emissions. If you’re trying to lower your carbon footprint, going vegan may be the answer.

whale jumping in the sea
Why Do Japan and Norway Still Hunt Whales?

Commercial whaling started centuries ago in the United States, but the “cruel” practice is still common throughout the world today.

Cattle being washed before slaughter
Big Meat and Dairy Producers Tighten Their Grip on the Amazon

A new investigation finds that deforestation of the Amazon for soy farming has continued despite a moratorium. Big meat and dairy companies are largely to blame.

Environmental Impact of Dairy Farming: What You Didn’t Know

From an early age, we’re taught that milk is essential to our growth and development. What we’re not taught is where that milk comes from.

The Great American War on Wolves

Keegan Sentner takes us into the heart of a centuries-long conflict designed to eradicate wolves from the American West.