Fur Farming: The Barbaric Practice They Want to Keep Hidden

what is fur farming

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The fur farming industry is booming, much to the detriment of our animal friends. People still want to wear and flaunt “real fur,” so there’s sufficient demand for fur to keep companies that harvest it in business.

Foxes and minks are among the most in-demand animals for farmable fur. Additionally, thousands of other animals are killed in the wild for their hides.

For centuries, furs have been named status symbols among the richest populations of various cultures around the world. Coats, blankets, rugs, and wraps come from fur. 

There’s no reason for such status symbols, however, and we often forget about how fur farming impacts our friends in the non-human animal kingdom.

Animal Rights: We Must Do Better to Protect Our Animal Friends

what are animal rights

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Animal rights have been the subject of much debate, especially among animal rights groups who fight for animal welfare. Unfortunately, animal cruelty still runs rampant throughout much of the world.

Some people simply don’t believe in animal rights, and governments have failed to produce legislation that protects all animals from human predation.

Additionally, some industries have systematically commoditized animals for various purposes, treating them as things rather than as sentient beings. Even our beloved cats, dogs, and other pets are legally considered property.

It’s true that some animal rights legislation has passed in the United States and elsewhere. For instance, law enforcement can bring charges against a person for neglecting or abusing an animal. However, the animal his or herself doesn’t have any legal rights.

Vegan Health: What You Need to Know About the Vegan Diet

What is vegan health

Vegan health is a common inspiration for discussion about diet in all parts of the world. How does the vegan diet influence health? And can vegans live nutritionally healthy lives?

Confusion surrounding vegan health is understandable. We’re constantly inundated with marketing messages designed to support the meat industry.

Only when we peel back the layers of the factory farming onion do we discover the truth about vegan health and the state of nutrition across the planet.

A vegan diet isn’t unhealthy or undesirable. It shouldn’t cause you to feel deprived or cheated, either. Instead, it should exacerbate your pride in terms of animal sentience and encourage you to eat a more balanced diet.

Egg Farming Cruelty: Pushing Vegetarians to Veganism

egg farming cruelty

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The reality behind egg farming is far different than the cartoons of happy chickens on egg cartons try to tell you.

Despite what a ‘90s television commercial might have led you to believe, eggs are for creating baby birds — not for human nutrition.

The so-called “incredible, edible egg” is really an unfertilized cradle for a baby chick who wasn’t. And that’s the basis on which egg farming was born.

Hens produce eggs in startling quantities. That’s why egg farming is so profitable. Their cycles sometimes take just one day, so they’re extremely productive.

Pig Farming Uncovered: The Pork Industry’s Disturbing Truths

pig farming conditions and problems

Image via WeAnimals.org

Pig farming holds many heinous secrets that the pork industry never wants you to hear about.

That’s why it is so difficult to access pig farms to take a look at what’s happening behind the scenes. They simply don’t want you to witness what happens to the millions of pigs slaughtered each year.

In fact, there are many ag-gag laws in place to ensure that what is happening behind the walls (and barbwire-laden fences) of pig farms is known by as few people as possible.

Pigs are highly intelligent animals that are remarkably cognizant of their surroundings, and thus, their suffering.

Ag Gag Laws: Allowing Animal Abuse While Silencing Activists

ag gag laws

If you’re not aware that ag gag laws exist, you don’t realize what a threat they are to our rights as human beings as well as to animal rights. These laws appropriate the concept of “security” for businesses with aplomb.

Animal rights activists already face a ton of hurdles in their quest to protect our animal friends. When the government actively works against them, more animals suffer and fewer criminals can be brought to justice.

But what are ag gag laws? Why do they exist? And how can we continue to fight against animal cruelty?

Food Insecurity: What It Is & What Is Causing It

what is food insecurity

If you have access to the Internet and can read this blog post, you might not be familiar with food insecurity. You have access to food when you’re hungry, whether it’s from a market or restaurant or your own garden, and you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll get your next meal.

That’s not true for all people worldwide. In fact, it might not even be true for someone who lives mere blocks or miles from you.

But what is food insecurity? And why does it matter?

Vegan Health Benefits You Won’t Believe You Can Achieve

vegan health benefits

The vegan health benefits that one achieves by cutting out all animal products are but a bonus to the clean conscience one finds knowing they aren’t contributing to the needless slaughter of countless lives.

Many people make the switch because of their desire to speak up for those who can’t. It’s a desire to protect non-human animals and their right to a cruelty-free life.

So when people make the transition, they find there are many health benefits to veganism as well.

Big Food: What You Don’t Know About the Food Industry

big food

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You’ve heard of Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and Big Oil, but what about Big Food? It’s not a term you hear every day, but it’s an essential concept to understand when it comes to feeding your family.

Big Food exists in all first-world countries. When you visit a supermarket, you see lots of brand names on boxes, cans, and packages. What you might not realize is that these brands often fall under huge companies’ umbrellas.

For instance, did you know that Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, and Ball Park Franks are all owned by Tyson Foods, Inc.? Tyson proves second only to PepsiCo in food distribution and sales.

But what is Big Food? And why should you care about the Big Food complex? Let’s explore the topic in more depth and come up with ways to ensure you aren’t falling prey to deceptive advertising and pretty packaging.

The Meat Industry: Real Reasons Why Meat is Part of Our Lives

the meat industry

Image via WeAnimals

The meat industry impacts all of us, not just meat eaters.

When we’re shopping for groceries to feed our families, topics like the meat industry don’t usually enter our minds. Unless, of course, we understand how the meat industry impacts animal welfare, the environment, and our own health.

Too often, consumers simply follow the lifestyles their parents and grandparents before them led, never questioning the validity of their choices. Even if you have no interest in going vegan or vegetarian, learning about your dietary impact will make you a more educated consumer.

There’s no question that we need food to survive. Our bodies require nourishment. There is a question, however, about whether we need the meat industry. And the answer is, “No.”

Who needs the meat industry? The people who run the factory farming operations, slaughterhouses, transportation depots, and other parts of the food system.

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