JBS USA: Behind America’s Leading Meat Processor

JBS USA is a leading American meat processor responsible for some of the worst recalls, environmental scandals, and animal cruelty cases ever seen before.

Chicken at feeder
Tyson Foods: How Many Chickens Does Tyson Kill Per Day?

Tyson Foods produces 20 percent of the United States’ chicken, pork, and beef products. Their market dominance is won at the cost of cruelty to animals, harm to the environment, and risk to human health.

pigs behind bars
Smithfield Foods: How Many Pigs Does Smithfield Slaughter Per Day?

An estimated 121 million pigs are slaughtered every year in the United States, and one pork producer is responsible for over 15 million of those deaths.

what is sheep farming
Sheep Farming: Behind the Scenes of the Wool Industry

Hundreds of millions of sheep are slaughtered every year to produce wool, meat, and milk. And while many people think of shearing sheep for wool as a harmless practice, it is actually far from that.

duck farm foie gras
What Is Foie Gras and Why Is It Cruel To Ducks and Geese?

Foie gras might be considered a delicacy, but the suffering that goes into its creation is cause for alarm. In fact, there are activists around the world working to ban its very existence.

go vegan guide for beginners
Go Vegan: A Practical Vegan Guide for Beginners

Going vegan has never been easier. As grocery stores and restaurants add new vegan options and more information becomes available online, going vegan is the logical answer to anyone looking to stop animal suffering and incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet.

plant-based diet
Plant-Based Diet: How Eating Well Can Keep You Young

A plant-based diet is a great way to improve your overall health and slow down the aging process. There are many different benefits to eating a plant-based diet including fighting off many preventable illnesses associated with consuming animal products.

what is speciesism
Speciesism: Justifying Humanity’s Actions Against Other Animals

Speciesism is the unspoken, most of the time unknown, assumption that humans are superior to non-human animals. It is an attitude that allows, and even encourages, the mistreatment of animals.

industrial animal agriculture
Animal Agriculture: Negatively Impacting the World Around Us

Animal agriculture is not only bad for the animals that are bred into existence for the sole purpose of being slaughtered, but it’s also bad for both the environment and human health as well.

plant-based meat alternative
Plant-Based Meat: Healthy Snack or Vegan Junk Food?

Plant-based meat is here to stay. With growing popularity, these cruelty-free options are presenting meat eaters and vegans alike with delicious options on their mission to end animal farming.