Animal Rights Groups: What Are They and What Do They Do

Animal rights groups exist for one reason: Because animals need them. Animals can’t fight for…

what are animal rights activists
Animal Rights Activists: What Are They & What Do They Do

An animal rights activist is someone who believes in justice for all animals. They don’t condone animal testing, factory farming, and other systemic mistreatment of animals.

testes em animais
Animal Testing is Cruel and Doesn’t Work: Here’s Why

Beyond the obvious reason that involves the cruelty and unnecessary torturous treatment (and killing) of innocent animals, there are many other reasons why animal testing needs to be stopped.

what is animal rescue
Animal Rescue: What It Is and Why You Should Get Involved

Animal rescue is a broad term that refers to any effort that helps save different kinds of animals from cruelty and abuse.

Vegetarianism: What It Means To Be A Vegetarian

Vegetarianism technically refers to someone who doesn’t eat meat or fish. That’s the most basic definition of vegetarianism. However, in practice, a vegetarian might have more specific rules.

what is a vegan
What Is a Vegan and Why You Should Consider Veganism

Becoming a vegan isn’t as tough as people think, and it certainly doesn’t make you sick or weak. It’s simply a decision you make to improve your health and protect animals from needless slaughter.

animals killed food
How Many Animals Are Killed for Food Every Day?

More than 200 million animals are killed for food around the world every day – just on land. Including wild-caught and farmed fishes, we get a total closer to 3 billion animals killed daily. That comes out to 72 billion land animals and over 1.2 trillion aquatic animals killed for food around the world every year.

o que é pecuária intensiva
Factory Farming: The Horrifying Secrets Behind the Scenes

When you don’t spend your hard-earned money on the products of factory farming, you send a clear message to the farmers. If enough people refuse to buy these products, factory farms would have to shut down — or change the way they operate.