Neglected Calf Brought Back to Abusive Farm After Being Rescued

When will innocent lives matter more than human greed and pleasure?

cow farm stall
Animal Rights Activists Labeled “Domestic Terrorists” in Australia

Tensions between Australian farmers and animal rights activists are making international headlines, fueling a series of high-stakes protests that caught the attention of the country’s highest office.

chicken factory farm
Harvard Law School Launches Animal Law and Policy Clinic

The new program provides hands-on experience on legal advocacy on behalf of non-human animals as part of the school’s Animal Law & Policy Program.

foie gras duck
Ukraine’s Last Foie Gras Farm to Shut Down

Following an expose published by Open Cages, Ukrainian poultry company MHP will cease production at Ukraine’s only foie gras farm.

Cassie bunny rescue
Activists Risk Going to Prison for Rescuing Animals

Activist Cassie King is currently facing seven felonies for helping animals trapped in factory farms. But the charges are not stopping her.

duck farm suffering
Duck Farming: Is Profit Worth Their Pain and Suffering?

Duck farming might be profitable for the companies in charge, but it is cruel and unfair to the animals residing inside these farms.

fur farming cage
The Fur Industry Is Getting Desperate and It Shows

Proposed bans in New York City and California are signaling the beginning of the end for the exploitative fur trade. In a last-ditch effort, the industry is paying people to support fashion’s cruelest practice.

Chiang activist protest
I Risk My Life for Animals and It Almost Killed Me

Full-time animal rights activist Thomas Chiang is living proof that the animal liberation movement is one we have to take seriously.

dairy protest NYC
Activists Occupy Time Square: “Dairy Kills”

One month after the gruesome footage from a Coca-Cola dairy supplier was released, the protests aren’t letting up.

duck farm foie gras
What Is Foie Gras and Why Is It Cruel To Ducks and Geese?

Foie gras might be considered a delicacy, but the suffering that goes into its creation is cause for alarm. In fact, there are activists around the world working to ban its very existence.