The Ableist Argument Against Veganism

We can learn a great deal comparing the discrimination humans with disabilities face and the discrimination many nonhuman animals face. Examining the ableist perspective shows us how that logic either breaks down as unacceptable – or leads to truly immoral conclusions.

McDonald’s Continues to Ignore its Lackluster Chicken Welfare Policies

The Humane League released a new campaign video today targeting McDonald’s and their lack of meaningful chicken welfare policies. Why is McDonald’s still falling behind both its competitors and its own welfare commitments?

ban new york horse carriages
Ban New York’s Carriage Horses: They Deserve Better

Horse-drawn carriages are no longer necessary in today’s day and age. Too many horses suffer significantly pulling carriages down busy urban streets and the practice needs to be banned immediately.

Mass-killing of chicks in Germany allowed to continue temporarily
German Court: Economic Grounds Not Acceptable for Causing Pain to Vertebrates

While 45 million male chicks can continue to be killed in German egg and poultry industries for now, a new court ruling opens exciting opportunities for expanding and enforcing animal welfare standards.

priya sawhney direct action everywhere
A True Activist: How One Woman is Putting Compassion Above All Else

There are people who are passionate about causes. And then there are people like Priya Sawhney who are willing to put everything on the line for what she believes. This is Priya’s story.

Zoos Cause Animals Far More Harm Than Good
Zoos Cause Animals Far More Harm Than Good

While zoos masquerade as prime exemplars of wildlife conservation efforts, when closely examined they cause the captive animals in modern zoos significantly more suffering and deprivation than well-being and life enrichment.

activist duck farm
Watch: Activists Infiltrate Duck Farm, Save 32 Lives

The footage shows how well prepared the activists are in response to the highly orchestrated animal cruelty happening inside the farm.

Kamala Harris
Animal Rights Protester Grabs Microphone From Kamala Harris

While unfortunate in its timing, target, and implementation, the disruption at the MoveOn event raises important questions about how politicians view the treatment of animals. However, the animal rights movement needs to be mindful about its allies and make more friends, not fewer.

activist pig farm
Animal Farmers Press Charges Against Activists, Cruelty Continues

The second they entered Excelsior Hog Farm, all 49 Meat the Victims activists knew they would likely face criminal charges. They also knew that they had a moral responsibility to the animals suffering inside.

NYC Fur Ban: The Beginning of the End for Fur Industry

With New York City, a world fashion capital, finally joining the crop of cities banning the sale of fur, the exploitative fur industry’s days are numbered.