Hundreds Sick from Meat Bacteria Outbreaks: It’s Time to Fight Back

American consumers should have serious beef with the USDA. The latest outbreak traveled across 10 states in just two days, flying under the radar of federal meat inspectors yet again.

kid lunch line
America’s First Vegan Charter School Denied Federal Funding for Removing Dairy

Lunches at public schools in America lack proper nutrition. This mother-turned-founder is taking it upon herself to build an educational curriculum for her daughter that aligns with her vegan values.

feather down black
Follow the Feathers: Why Down’s “Humane” Claims Can’t Be Trusted

Many companies claim the feathers they use in down coats, pillows, and blankets are “sustainable” and “ethical.” But such marketing is rampant in industries that want to gloss over the treatment of animals.

McDonald's fries eating
McDonald’s Is Falling Behind: It Should Embrace Vegan Options

Fast food burger giants like Burger King and White Castle are embracing the rise of plant-based foods and adding vegan burgers to their menus. McDonald’s, on the other hand, is not. The fries aren’t even vegan.

The Ethical Vegan Versus a Plant-Based Diet: What Is the Difference

The animals don’t care why you aren’t eating them. But on a human level there are distinctions between people’s motives for their behavior.

vegan woman protest
Nonviolent Vegan Protest Called “Un-Australian” as Prime Minister Sides with Farmers

The third-fastest growing vegan market in the world faces its biggest challenge yet—the May 2019 elections. Amid mounting criticism, members of the Animal Justice Party are still hot on the campaign trail.

School Principal Says ‘No’ to Animal Rights Club. This Student Is Fighting Back.

According to the United States Supreme Court, students do not give up their constitutional rights to freedom of speech and assembly when they walk in the door. If the animal rights club at Volunteer High School is not approved, there could be serious consequences.

person chicken farm
Yet Another Chicken Recall–We Really Shouldn’t Be Surprised

To the executives at Perdue Foods, chickens are vehicles of protein and, more importantly, material investments they expect to turn a profit. As a result, animal welfare standards fall by the wayside and recalls follow.

dog shelter rescue
Animal Rescue Groups Often Have No Choice But Euthanasia

Should an animal be euthanized to make space for another animal who is suffering? In January, a South Korean animal rescue group brought this question to the forefront after its leader broke the group’s no-kill policy.

tabby cat feral
Stop Killing Feral Cats. The Solution Is Easier Than You Think.

Many communities address their feral cat problem with dated solutions–only to be disappointed by the same results over and over again. It’s time they realized they don’t have to kill cats to control the feral population.