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We Kill More Animals Than Australia’s Fires Every Day

Many more farmed animals die every day than were killed by the Amazon and Australia wildfires—farmed animals also suffer more, and are linked to more habitat loss globally.

rancher lobby US

The Livestock Lobby’s Ploy to Write the Green New Deal

Ecosystems around the globe have been driven to the brink by agricultural encroachment. Now, growing interest in regenerative agriculture is giving the industry a brand new way to green-wash its image.

joaquin phoenix protest

Joaquin Phoenix Urges People to Eat Plant-Based at London Protest

A lifelong animal advocate, Phoenix knows better than most: “We have a personal responsibility to take action right now.”

Australia Fires: Uncovering the Devastating Impact on Farmed Animals

Jo-Anne McArthur reports from the ground in Australia, where wildfires have wreaked havoc on farmed animals and wildlife.

The Raven Corps: Youth Activists Making a Difference

Youth activists in The Raven Corps are coming together to bring awareness to the pivotal issues the world is currently facing. These activists will not be silenced in their mission to change the world.

plant based food

Why the UK Should Adopt a Plant-Based Food System

With the country on track to miss its 2050 climate change targets, the agricultural sector will play a vital role in reaching carbon zero.

animal rebellion protest

Banned from Protesting in London, Activists Storm Local Slaughterhouse

British police arrested Animal Rebellion activists who disrupted operations at a Farnborough slaughterhouse that kills pigs, cows, goats, and sheep to call attention to the climate crisis.

Australia’s Landscapes of Fear

Peter Hylands reports from Australia, where the killing of kangaroos is commonplace and the population estimates and hunting permits just don’t seem to match.

Animal Rebels Occupy Cargill-Backed London Hedge Fund

Activists with Animal Rebellion risked arrest storming CarVal offices to expose companies profiting the most from climate change.

After 800 Years of Slaughter, UK’s Largest Meat Market Goes Plant-Based

Hundreds of Animal Rebellion activists descended on Smithfield Meat Market, igniting a global conversation on how to transition society towards a plant-based food system.

Climate Change Protester

What Can I Do About Climate Change? 10 Simple Climate-Friendly Actions

The climate crisis might seem insurmountable, but that does not mean we are powerless. The actions we take today will determine the prosperity of our future and that of future generations.

A Climate Change: An Unstoppable Movement Takes Hold

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres calls for the climate movement to grow in this exclusive op-ed for the Covering Climate Now media partners.

Step 1: Strike for the Climate. Step 2: Go Vegan.

It’s inspiring to see so many people around the world taking Greta Thunberg’s lead and marching for the climate. But is marching enough?

The World’s Recycling System Is Failing

Did you know China stopped purchasing the majority of the world’s recyclable items over a year ago? Citizens are placing recyclable items into bins with good intentions, but most of them are not being given a second life.

Animal Rebellion arrest

Animal Rebellion Protester Arrested Outside Old Bailey in London

In a sweeping act of defiance, the protester spray-painted the side of the UK’s Central Criminal Court. Someone shouted, “Hey, you know you’re going to get arrested?” But that was entirely the point.

Climate Strike 2019

How You Look as a Meat Eater Protesting Climate Change

The Climate Strikes taught us there is strength in numbers. What they didn’t teach us is that if you look at the numbers, the most pervasive driver of climate change is being ignored.

poster about plastics in fish

More Than Talk: Making the Climate Conversation Meaningful

Climate change is not a new concept, yet communication experts, scientists, and activists are still struggling with how to convey messages about this pertinent topic.

UN secretary general

“Nature Is Angry”: UN Secretary General Urges Public to Address Climate Emergency

In an exclusive interview, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said we are losing the race against climate catastrophe, but a Green New Deal can help.

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The Problem with Farming Animals

There is an indisputable link between the climate crisis and animal agriculture. But let’s make one thing clear. Farm animals are not making the climate crisis worse – we are.

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Animal Agriculture Severely Under-Reported in Climate Coverage

Reporting of meat production’s and animal agriculture’s roles in the climate crisis has risen in last two years. It might still not be enough.

Agriculture and Climate Change: Environmental Impact of Factory Farming

News anchors broadcast about it, scientists are scrambling for ways to reverse it, and consumers unknowingly contribute to it. What is it? Climate change.

Can One Meatless Day Out of the Week Make a Difference?

“One day a week, cut out meat.” Meatless Monday is a weekly commitment that will contribute in the fight against climate change.

Vegan Ethics Alone Won’t Save The Planet: Five Thoughts for Greener Veganism

There is a merging of movements afoot, as animal liberation and environmentalism meet with the same goal to rescue our dying planet. Jessica Scott-Reid examines criticism of veganism’s green credentials.

These Foods Are Threatened by Climate Change

Climate scientist Ryan Towell from the Climate Reality Project explains which foods will be harder to produce as a result of climate change – and which foods are making it worse.

How Your Diet Contributes to Climate Change—in Three Graphs

Eating less meat and dairy is the single best way to reduce your climate impact. How does your diet stack up?

DearTomorrow, Let’s Make it Personal

The climate crisis we are facing is not a political issue, it’s a personal, human issue that affects everyone in different ways. The digital archive project DearTomorrow wants to hear from you today.

Index Like You Care: Sustainable Investing with Vegan ETF

Mitigating or fully avoiding the negative effects of extractive, destructive industries and companies is genuine cruelty-free investing. Vegan ETF makes responsible investing easy for anyone.

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The Climate Crisis Secret

Livestock is a major contributor to climate change. But in the scientific community, there’s a surprising lack of consensus around just how much livestock production is adding to the problem. Environmental researcher Nicholas Carter makes the case for a new approach.

Your Guide to Slashing Single-Use Plastic

Plastic consumption is on the rise, but so are the innovative ways to ditch it. This guide will help you to reduce single-use plastic and set you up for plastic-free living.

Human Consumption Isn’t the Only Threat to Marine Life

Animal species are facing one of the greatest threats to their existence: Human activity leading to the inevitable presence of microplastics in the world’s oceans.