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Closer Look is the first original series from Sentient Media.

Each month, we’ll take a closer look at a timely topic, offering you in-depth reporting and fresh perspective on the latest trends in food, justice, and the climate crisis. In July, we’ll examine the rise of worker safety and animal welfare violations at slaughterhouses around the world.

Coverage begins Monday, July 25.
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Closer Look: Meatpacking


Ongoing Coverage

pig prop 12

Slaughterhouses: The Harsh Reality of How Meat Is Made

Roughly 25 million farmed animals are slaughtered in the U.S. every day. Many die before they even arrive at the slaughterhouse.


How Long Do Chickens Live on Factory Farms?

The vast majority of chickens spend their entire lives in the confinement of a factory farm. Farmed animals live for about six weeks before they are slaughtered.

prop 12

Proposition 12: Legislative Overview and Updates

Proposition 12 is a law that California voters passed in 2018 to define the minimum amount of space that farmers must give to cows, pigs, and chickens.

upside foods chicken

Cultivated Meat Gains Ground in Hyper-Competitive Industry

Cultivated meat is attracting a lot of new attention. But experts question whether the new technology will truly make our food systems more sustainable.

pig transport truck

Investigators Followed a Livestock Truck for 32 Hours. Here’s What They Found.

A new investigation from Animal Outlook documents what happens when animals are held in transport trucks for hours on end with no rest.

Cow and calf at SAFE sanctuary

The Cruelest Part of Dairy Farming Is Totally Legal

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the inherent cruelty behind dairy farming, but farmers are quick to come to its defense.

USDA Releases Years of Slaughterhouse Records Following Lawsuit

New records released by the USDA reveal the handling of farmed animals in slaughterhouses over the past five years. This marks a major step towards transparency in the food supply chain.

COVID-19 Hit Slaughterhouse Workers Harder Than We Thought

A new Congressional report found that slaughterhouses owned by five major meatpacking companies accounted for at least 59,000 COVID-19 cases and 269 deaths.

An open rescue with Animal Equality.

Short Film Highlights the Dangers of Ag-Gag Laws

The film urges action on ag-gag laws, which seek to “gag” would-be whistleblowers by punishing them for recording footage of what goes on inside factory farms.

A cow in a dairy barn.

More Slaughterhouses Is Not the Solution

Small, family-run abattoirs have been described as ‘cornerstones’ of sustainable meat production but a new investigation from the UK nonprofit Animal Justice Project paints a different picture.