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Our reporting has shown that our industrial food system causes racial and economic inequalities, costs taxpayers billions of dollars a year, and is inhumane — leading to unthinkable suffering for trillions of sentient beings day after day. 

Our journalism exposes injustice and our science reporting unlocks curiosity about animals and ecosystems. We give visibility to the outsized role industrial agriculture plays in our current planetary crisis, and to those who are ensnared within a torturous system

We lead by example and act as a resource to encourage journalists and social justice advocates across the globe to report these stories. Our reporting offers fresh and educated perspectives to empower environmentalists, nutritionists, animal advocates, human rights advocates and policy makers as they make their cases for change. 

We partner with international, national, and local media outlets to reach diverse audiences around the world. To date, we have trained over 800 established and aspiring writers in 50+ countries, leading to more than 2,000 articles being published in a variety of media outlets exposing the truth about our global food systems. 

We aim to serve those who have been historically marginalized by mainstream media through our team of writers and our Sentient Media Journalism Fund

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Our content has created visibility around the consequences of industrial agriculture reaching 173 million headline views in Google in 2022.

We have reached 12.5 million readers across the globe in the last 12 months. 

We have provided roots to publishing for over 800 writers in 53 countries. 

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