image of scottie dog taking a bite of food or treat from hand, pet food industry explainer

The Pet Food Industry’s Future, from Plant-Based to Cultivated Meat

Contrary to popular belief, the pet food industry is not its own, separate part of the supply chain. It relies on leftover meat produced for human consumption.

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image of stretchy cheese in pupusa, lab-grown dairy

Lab-Grown Milk Has Huge Potential to Disrupt Dairy, New Study Shows

Milk made with precision fermentation could take up to 33 percent of the dairy industry’s market share.

avian flu

Avian Flu: Sentient Media’s Latest Stories

Avian flu poses an increasing risk to humans. Here’s what we know, and a link to all of our coverage.

person measuring shake powder what is ultra-processed food

What Is Ultra-Processed Food and Why Is It Unhealthy?

Ultra-processed foods are designed to be addictively delicious. Just how unhealthy are they and what are the processed foods to avoid? We explain.

humanely raised, image of two pigs on transport truck

What Does ‘Humanely Raised’ Actually Mean for Farm Animals?

A growing number of companies are marketing meat and dairy as ‘humanely raised’. We take a closer look at the reality behind the label.

image of shopping basket in grocery aisle, What Is SNAP

Do SNAP Benefits Actually Work to Address Hunger?

Over 34 million people in the U.S. suffer from hunger. One effort to address food insecurity is through SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.

What are non-essential amino acids? Woman running

The Difference Between Essential and Nonessential Amino Acids, Explained

There are 11 nonessential amino acids that are absolutely critical for your body.

picture of cow sticking her head out through bars for story is dairy bad for you

Is Dairy Bad for You? 

Is there a link between dairy and cancer risk? The evidence isn’t conclusive but we took a closer look at what we do know in this explainer.

how to read food labels

Here’s How to Get Better at Reading Food Labels

Food labels are confusing. Our guide will help you tell the difference between useful information and meaningless junk.

essential amino acids

Am I Getting Enough Essential Amino Acids?

There are nine essential amino acids that your body can get from a variety of foods, including plant-based sources like nuts.

Flexitarianism On the Rise

Flexitarianism Is Rising — Along With Demand for Chicken

A new survey finds 11 percent of Americans identify as flexitarian — with more than a quarter eating more plants but also more chicken.

20 Plant-Based Protein Sources

20 Healthy Plant-Based Protein Sources for a Sustainable Diet

Protein is an essential part of any heathy diet but it’s possible to get all that you need from a healthy variety of plant-based sources.

Why do people drink raw milk?

Why Do People Drink Raw Milk?

Devotees of raw milk tout it as a miracle food yet consuming it can cause severe foodborne illness — leading to paralysis or even death.

What Is Dairy?

Which Foods Are Dairy?

The global dairy industry produces nearly 550 million metric tons of cow’s milk each year. But which products are dairy and how are they made?

What are the benefits of oat milk?

What Are the Benefits of Oat Milk?

Oat milk has become a popular alternative to dairy in recent years, with its healthy nutritional profile and lower impact on animals and the planet.

Are plant-based burgers healthy?

Are Plant-Based Burgers Healthy?

Are plant-based burgers healthy? Debates about processed and ultra-processed foods have made this more complicated than it needs to be.

Are we at risk for a swine flu outbreak?

What Do We Have to Fear From Swine Flu?

Most human cases of swine flu are found at agricultural fairs but there are other disease hotspots to consider, like factory farms.

Mexico poultry industry

Chickens Burned and Buried as Avian Flu Hits the Yucatán

Workers and residents say companies have downplayed avian flu, burning and burying culled birds just outside of town.

factory farm pig

How Do Factory Farms Use Antibiotics?

Antibiotic resistance is a growing public health threat responsible for 1.2 million deaths worldwide. A leading driver of this crisis? Antibiotic use on factory farms.

freshwater fish are a source of PFAS contaminants

Freshwater Fish Are a ‘Significant Source’ of Forever Chemicals

New research finds significantly higher levels of PFAS in locally caught freshwater fish than store-bought fish.

avian flu cases in humans

Every Human Case of Avian Flu Reported So Far

Human cases remain rare but the risk of an outbreak could change at any time.

backyard chickens and avian flu

Avian Flu Is Making it Tougher to Keep Backyard Chickens

Domestic chicken-keeping surged in popularity during lockdown. Then avian flu happened.

What Exactly Is the Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet has taken the world by storm. But what is this diet and is it healthy?

what is a sustainable diet

How 4 Leading Organizations Define a Sustainable Diet

Want to follow a sustainable diet? These 4 organizations each have their own definition, yet they all point towards eating more plants and less meat.

guide to vegan nutrition

A Guide to Vegan Nutrition: How to Get the Nutrients You Need to Stay Healthy

If you’re looking to try a vegan diet, read this guide first.

pandemic risk

Pandemic Risk on the Rise Thanks to How We Eat

Pandemic risk is on the rise, but researchers know the cause and how to reduce the risk.

Why Shark Fin Soup

Why Shark Fin Soup Is Still Served at Weddings

Shark finning is bad for animals and the environment yet the dish is still sometimes on the menu.

egg-free flu vaccines

These Flu Shots Are Better for Animals and Just as Effective, Researchers Say

More than 80 percent of flu vaccines rely on chickens confined in secret FDA facilities. But there are alternatives.

are mcdonald's fries vegan

Are McDonald’s Fries Vegan?

Is anything at McDonald’s vegan? This guide has answers.

is alcohol vegan

Is Alcohol Vegan?

Wondering which alcoholic drinks are vegan? This guide can help.


21 Vegan Bodybuilders Show It’s Better To Be a Vegan Bodybuilder

A growing number of vegan bodybuilders prove you can meet the body’s protein requirements without meat.