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Animal Protection Groups in India Must Distance Themselves From Hatred

The cow is considered sacred in Hinduism, but India’s growing cow protection movement has less to do with animal welfare than with vigilante violence towards the lowest-caste members of society.

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Humane Meat Is a Scam. Stop Falling for It.

Eco-conscious grocery stores like Whole Foods claim their meat is “humane.” The certification is supposed to signify that the animal was slaughtered humanely, but there’s no such thing as humane slaughter.

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Statewide Fur Ban in California Passes First Vote

The bill, AB 44, would ban the sale of all fur goods across the state, carrying momentum from city-wide bans in California’s two largest metropolitan areas.

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San Francisco Banned Fur. Will the Anti-Cruelty Revolution Spread?

The movement away from real fur is gaining momentum. As consumers opt for animal-free alternatives, the fashion industry will be forced to respond. Gucci and Versace already took the first step.

Kellogg’s-Owned MorningStar Farms Just Pledged to Go Vegan by 2021. Who’s Next?

By committing to go vegan, the company will remove 300 million eggs from its product line every year. And they’re not the only ones making the switch. One of the largest meat producers in the world is on board.

The Fashion Capital of the World Should Go Fur-Free

With the suffering of millions of animals at stake, New York City has the opportunity to send a strong message across the world by banning fur sales.

Earthling Ed: Media Bias Against Veganism?

In this video of his first podcast episode, the popular animal rights activist Earthling Ed, known for his Socratic debating style, takes a detailed look at some recent media attention that his work and arguments of other animal rights activists have garnered

Business-Savvy Landlords Should Allow Pets. Cities Should Encourage It.

The benefits to the thousands of homeless pets who are dying for lack of a home each year cannot be overstated. Landlords can make a profitable, life-saving choice by permitting pets.

Animal Matters: New Video Series with Glenn Greenwald

Animal Matters is a new video series featuring the Pulitzer winner Glenn Greenwald and Sentient Media’s Grant Lingel. The series will discuss all matters related to animals, animal rights, factory farming, and the political, moral, cultural, and economic considerations surrounding these matters.

Upcoming Film: The Rise of the Animals

In the same cages as the animals we farm, humans are forced to assume a much different perspective on factory farming. The film pushes humans to think about actually living in those conditions.

Corporate Sustainability and the Problem With Eating Meat

This year, deforestation in the Amazon reached a decade-long high, in large part because of an increased demand for soy to feed factory-farmed cattle. Rainforests in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela are suffering similar habitat destruction.

Book Review: Dirty Vegan by Matt Pritchard

Matt Pritchard SWYD/YouTube The latest addition to the vegan main stage is BBC host, skateboarder,…

Here’s Why Animal Advocates Should Be Excited for 2019

2019 is looking bright already. In every conscientious consumer out there, there is a willingness to make trade-offs–to take a stand–and for most people, that’s as easy as choosing not to eat meat. Many are already on their way.

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Book Review: Persimmon Takes on the World by Christopher Locke

Ready for a real adventure? Animal-cruelty fighting raccoon Persimmon takes us on a journey to…

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Glenn Greenwald and Sentient Media to Create Series on Animal Rights

We’re incredibly honored and excited to announce that Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, vegan, and animal rights activist Glenn Greenwald will join Sentient Media’s very own Grant Lingel for a brand new video series about animal rights.

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The Farm Bill Is a Big Win for Animals. Here’s Why.

Animal advocates, time to celebrate. The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill signals the resilience of animal protection laws on a national level, something advocates have not seen the likes of on a farm bill since 2002 when Congress reassured the enforcement of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.

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Man’s Best Friend Not Safe Inside Carrefour Stores

Protests erupted in Brazil after a dog was killed inside a Carrefour supermarket. A security guard savagely beat the animal to death.

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Food Insecurity: What It Is & What Is Causing It

The facts don’t lie: we’re using grain and other perfectly human-edible nutritious plants to bulk up animals for destruction instead of feeding people who can’t feed themselves.

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This Is Why Politicians Need to Start Writing More Plant-Based Policy

According to the comprehensive, 52-source study published in Climate Policy, we have reached peak livestock. Politicians can recognize this by writing it into their climate mitigation plans for 2020.

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Book Review: Ethical Vegetarianism and Veganism edited by Andrew Linzey and Clair Linzey

Only then can we change human and animal lives for the better. The morality of our civilization depends on it.

This Utah Farm Is Sparing 100 Turkeys from the Thanksgiving Slaughter

Farmers joining hands with so-called animal rights extremists could signal a change to the direct action model, one that hopefully takes place without the law having to get involved. Let’s call it direct cooperation.

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Book Review: The Cow with Ear Tag #1389 by Kathryn Gillespie

There is so much suffering hiding behind the walls of a factory farm. The Cow with Ear Tag #1389 reminds us that there are animals in there, too.

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YES! Prop 12 Is Now the Strongest Animal Protection Legislation in the World

Californians turned out. They voted, and they made Prop 12 happen. As they say, how goes California, so goes the nation.

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Report: Half the Country Is Against Genetically Engineered Animal Testing

According to the PEW Research Center, half of Americans support genetically engineered animal testing, while…

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Vegans Are Changing Restaurant Menus Around the World

It’s World Vegan Day! This year, the number of people who call themselves vegans tripled,…

Animal Rights Groups: What Are They and What Do They Do

Animal rights groups exist for one reason: Because animals need them. Animals can’t fight for…

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Animal Lovers: Unite!

Animal lives are at stake in the midterm elections. New legislation in California and Florida…

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This Video Shows Hundreds of Fish Out of Water and Suffocating

Anywhere between 37 and 120 billion fish are killed on commercial farms each year, with…

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Read This Book: Pulphead

The story of “La·hwi·ne·ski: Career of an Eccentric Naturalist” from John Jeremiah Sullivan’s Pulphead: Essays…

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U.S. Ranchers Could Be Sentencing Wild Horses to Death

Alarm bells went off after the Forest Service began rounding up 1,000 wild horses from…