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Wait… Bees Can Count?

For centuries, animals’ capacity for human-like behavior went unnoticed. But animals are smarter than we…

The Challenges and Promise of Clean Meat

The Good Food Conference in Berkeley, organized by the industry powerhouse Good Food Institute, gathered hundreds of entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, media and other industry people into the packed two-day event.

Read This Book: The Secret Life of Cows

Did you know that cows can express social preferences? For some people, that’s as easy…

The Impossible Burger Is Possible, Says FDA

The FDA has no questions that the Impossible Burger is safe to eat. The meatless…

How to Spot A Happy Horse

How to spot a happy horse: Look for pointed ears and listen for snorts, apparently.…

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Sheep Remember Your Face. How Smart Are They?

The process of remembering and forgetting in humans works the same way. It’s face specific.