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Sentient Media is a non-profit with the mission of increasing public awareness of animal welfare, factory farming practices, and animal rights in general. Sentient Media does this by producing content for and in collaboration with media companies and organizations.

Sentient Media is a journalism organization. Our work is factual and evidence-based. While the themes we focus on often involve strong and varied emotional and moral reactions, we strive our reporting to be accurate, thorough, and fair. We follow the four principles by the Society of Professional Journalists, adapted here for Sentient Media’s collaborative model:

  1. Seek Truth and Report it. We strive to be accurate, fair, honest and courageous in gathering, reporting, and interpreting information. We look for original sources, present them in their correct context, and consider motives and connections of sources.
  2. Minimize Harm. We treat sources, subjects, colleagues, and members of the public as humans deserving of respect. We hold the view that human and non-human animals alike deserve lives free of suffering, fear, and exploitation. We treat audiences as intelligent, mature, and capable of making their own decisions.
  3. Act Independently. We serve the public and seek to enlighten and to provide insights. By proxy, we serve our media partners who in turn serve their own audiences, and we strive to provide our media partners with journalism of equally high quality and integrity as we would an audience we report to directly.
  4. Be Accountable and Transparent. We take responsibility for our work and for the decisions we make.

Sentient Media is a non-profit organization supported by individual and organizational donors. Donors will not receive preferential coverage, editorial oversight, or other avenues of dictating the content produced. In any instance where a donor or a member of Sentient Media’s organization is a subject of our reporting, such relationships will be fully disclosed. In its founding, Sentient Media has been supported by The Järvenpää Foundation and The Center for Effective Altruism’s Animal Welfare Fund.

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