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COVID-19: The Origin Story

With much of the world on lockdown tracking the death toll and flight cancellations, no one is questioning why we are in the midst of the worst global pandemic in over a century, Sentient Media delves into the origin story.

Animal Rights Protester Grabs Microphone From Kamala Harris

While unfortunate in its timing, target, and implementation, the disruption at the MoveOn event raises important questions about how politicians view the treatment of animals. However, the animal rights movement needs to be mindful about its allies and make more friends, not fewer.

Earthling Ed: Media Bias Against Veganism?

In this video of his first podcast episode, the popular animal rights activist Earthling Ed, known for his Socratic debating style, takes a detailed look at some recent media attention that his work and arguments of other animal rights activists have garnered

Animal Matters Episode 1: Series Launch

Animal Matters is a series of video discussions with Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, and Sentient Media co-founder Grant Lingel. In this first episode Glenn and Grant talk about why animal rights are important for them personally and introduce the series and its goals.

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