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The Ableist Argument Against Veganism

We can learn a great deal comparing the discrimination humans with disabilities face and the discrimination many nonhuman animals face. Examining the ableist perspective shows us how that logic either breaks down as unacceptable – or leads to truly immoral conclusions.

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Chilling Footage From Inside a Canadian Pig Farm

Chilling Footage From Inside a Canadian Pig Farm

More than 1,000 mother pigs were found suffering miserable lives in crates at one of British Columbia’s largest pig farms. PETA’s investigation spurred direct action by hundreds of activists over the weekend.

Earthling Ed: Media Bias Against Veganism?

Earthling Ed: Media Bias Against Veganism?

In this video of his first podcast episode, the popular animal rights activist Earthling Ed, known for his Socratic debating style, takes a detailed look at some recent media attention that his work and arguments of other animal rights activists have garnered

How to Change a Chicken Farmer’s Mind

Chicken is America’s favorite meat, and farmers risk their entire livelihoods to produce it. But they don’t have to. What would you say to change a chicken farmer’s mind?

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