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Sentient Media is a 501(c)3 journalism nonprofit focusing on industrial animal agriculture, animal welfare, animal rights, and the environmental and social consequences of our food systems. We rely on donations and volunteers to achieve measurable and meaningful results in our work.

Help Us Spread the Animal Message in 2020

Established in 2018, Sentient Media has grown to serve hundreds of thousands of readers in 2019 – and we want to reach an even wider audience in 2020 and beyond. By supporting our work, you’ll ensure that unique stories about animal existence will continue to reach readers and viewers who otherwise may not be reached.


Why Donate to Sentient Media?

In public discourse, animals are disproportionately underrepresented as creatures worthy of moral consideration (moral patients, in ethics terms). Sentient Media aims to make these issues more urgent and more tractable by original reporting and partnering with both journalistic and animal-focused organizations.

Other Ways to Support

We offer two programs for getting involved with Sentient Media. You can volunteer with our social media team, or if you are an accomplished or a yet aspiring writer, Sentient Media Writers’ Fellowship could be a fit for you.

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