Code of Ethics

We adhere to the principles established by the Society of Professional Journalists, adapted here for Sentient Media:

1 – Seek Truth and Report It

We strive to be accurate, fair, honest, and courageous in gathering, reporting, and interpreting information about humans, animals, and the natural world. We prioritize original sources, present all sources in their correct contexts, and consider the motives and connections of these sources.


2 – Minimize Harm

We treat sources, subjects, colleagues, and members of the public as beings deserving of respect. We increase transparency around issues like the human exploitation of animals and environmental protection because we believe that human and non-human animals alike deserve to live lives free of needless pain, suffering, and oppression.


3 – Act Independently

We serve the public by seeking to enlighten and provide valuable insights. By proxy, we serve our media partners, who in turn serve their audiences. We strive to provide our media partners with journalism of high quality and integrity, equal to that of our own reporting.


4 – Be Accountable and Transparent

We take responsibility for our work and for the moral positions that we express as an independent journalistic organization. We welcome dissent and encourage collaboration.