Farm bill explainer. Image shows man in tractor on farm.

The Farm Bill Is Crucial. Here’s Why.

The farm bill is a collection of laws that governs our food system, including subsidies and federal nutrition benefits known as SNAP.

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how to read food labels

Here’s How to Get Better at Reading Food Labels

Food labels are confusing. Our guide will help you tell the difference between useful information and meaningless junk.

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essential amino acids

Am I Getting Enough Essential Amino Acids?

There are nine essential amino acids that your body can get from a variety of foods, including plant-based sources like nuts.

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Making the Climate Connection media analysis

93 Percent of Climate News Never Mentions Meat

A new study by Faunalytics and Sentient Media shows that animal agriculture is systematically underreported in climate media coverage.

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rewilding wolves

Colorado Plans To Reintroduce Wolves but Is It Enough To Protect Them?

Ranchers are paid up to $15,000 per dead cow, and the state is authorized to kill wolves if wild prey numbers dip below a set threshold.

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rewilding animal ag

Why Rewilding This Kind of Farmland Is a Win for the Planet

New research suggests rewilding is more effective than tree-planting, and when it comes to which land to rewild, the answer is also clear: farms. 

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