Factory Farming Is on the Rise, but Communities Are Fighting Back

In the absence of political leadership, grassroots organizations and NGOs are taking on factory farms themselves, building on growing public support for less intensive animal agriculture.

can animals catch coronavirus
Can Animals Catch Coronavirus? What You Can Do to Protect Them

If you share your home with a companion animal, you might be asking, can animals catch coronavirus? Here’s what you need to know to keep your pets COVID-free.

Kansas Federal Judge Rules Decades-Old “Ag-Gag” Law Unconstitutional

A federal judge recently overturned a Kansas law that made it illegal to conduct undercover investigations on factory farms. The ruling set a new precedent for Ag-Gag laws in the U.S.

“I Remember Their Eyelashes”: Why I Chose to Stop Consuming Dairy

The ditch dairy argument can be a tough pill to swallow. This is not meant to shame anyone, simply to share my story of why I chose to stop consuming dairy.

Big Ag

Buying Meat? Don’t Believe What You Read on the Label

By not being upfront with consumers, labeling systems are making the industry seem like it is doing more than it actually is to improve animal welfare.

GMO chicken

GMO Chicken: Are Chickens Bred to Suffer?

GMO chickens have not been subject to gene transfers, DNA editing, or splicing in a lab. However, their genes have been modified in a broad sense through the process of selective breeding.

chicken antibiotics

How Chicken Antibiotics Could Cause the Next Global Health Crisis

The industry’s excessive use of chicken antibiotics shows us just how far producers will go to treat the symptoms of animal agriculture before changing the conditions themselves.


coronavirus animal
Coronavirus & Animals: Can Humans Give Animals COVID-19?

Can humans become hosts and infect animals with COVID-19? To answer that question, you need to understand where the novel coronavirus came from.

As Borders Closed, Thousands of Seafarers Were Left Stranded

Thousands of seafarers are stranded in countries around the globe as COVID-19 has restricted travel and forced many smaller airports to close.

The Other Pandemic: Avian Flu Is Spreading Around the Globe

Mass cullings and lockdowns for farmed birds treat the symptoms and not the cause of avian flu.


could veganism end world hunger

Could Veganism End World Hunger?

Studies have repeatedly shown that plant-based diets are more sustainable and more equitable than diets heavy in meat and dairy. If that’s true, could veganism end world hunger?

milk pollution in rivers

Milk Pollution in Rivers: The World’s Clean Water Is at Risk

Milk pollution in rivers is a serious problem. About 2.1 billion people still do not have access to safe drinking water, and many of them have the dairy industry to blame.

Fish Without the Catch: Seafood Alternatives Are on the Rise

Innovative approaches to alternative seafood—like “fishless filets” and “crabless cakes”—could mitigate many of the environmental challenges presented by the modern fishing industry.


Racism in Me, the Movement, and the Meat Industry

Seeing racism in myself was the first step to confronting it in the animal advocacy movement—and in the system we’re working to change.

What I’ve Learned By Applying an Antiracist Framework to My Animal Advocacy

As a Black woman, I’ve learned through critical reflection the importance of applying an antiracist framework to my animal advocacy. It’s been a long time coming.

How Confronting My White Privilege Is Making Me a Better Animal Activist

What happens when a longtime animal activist begins to recognize their role in white supremacy culture? They decide to become part of the solution.