Sentient Media 2020 Year in Review

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animal rights
Understanding Animal Rights: The Bold Idea That Started a Movement

The belief that animals should be accorded some form of rights is an ancient one. In its modern form, the list of basic animal rights is becoming more concrete.

Another Failed Attempt to Greenwash Beef

Follow along as climate researchers debunk another industry-backed study bragging about the perceived benefits of regenerative agriculture.

fish farm
Fish Farming Is Not As Sustainable As We Thought

Fish farming was supposed to be a more sustainable way to meet the global demand for seafood. But as aquaculture gains in popularity, so does its environmental impact.

Big Ag

This $22-Billion Industry Suffers from a Serious Lack of Oversight

The live animal trade is thriving. Every day, millions of farmed animals are shipped around the world, panic-stricken and disoriented on their way to slaughter.

Lab-Grown Meat Isn’t Natural—And Neither Is Factory Farming

Many consumers believe conventional meat products are more natural than their lab-grown counterparts. What is “natural,” however, is not always best.

Pioneering Undercover Investigator Finally Emerges From Behind the Camera

As the pandemic forces Gem de Silva to take some time out, he reflects on 30 years of investigating factory farms and other industries exploiting animals.


Live Markets Aren’t Just China’s Problem

Many Americans are quick to blame the pandemic on China’s eating habits while ignoring the issues with their own food system.

did animal agriculture cause covid-19
Coronavirus: Did Animal Agriculture Cause COVID-19?

Factory farming poses a serious pandemic risk, which begs the question: Did animal agriculture cause COVID-19?

“We Stand at a Crossroads”: Jane Goodall Joins Call for UN to Address Animals

Advocates are asking the United Nations to consider the role of animals in their COVID-19 recovery policies. They fear the return to ‘business as usual’ could lead to another deadly pandemic.


ocean pollution

Ocean Pollution: How Human Activity Impacts the Oceans

There are many sources of ocean pollution, but the majority comes from humans. Find what you can do to reduce your footprint.

future of food

Future of Food: How It’s Changing and Why That’s Important

The future of food is unpredictable, but the prognosis isn’t all bad. People are adaptable, and change isn’t always a bad thing.

A Conservationist’s Guide to Protecting the Oceans

Humans are the major driver of biodiversity collapse in the oceans. Stronger radar, bigger nets, and faster ships have allowed fishing vessels to plunder the oceans with remarkable efficiency.


What I’ve Learned By Applying an Antiracist Framework to My Animal Advocacy

As a Black woman, I’ve learned through critical reflection the importance of applying an antiracist framework to my animal advocacy. It’s been a long time coming.

How Confronting My White Privilege Is Making Me a Better Animal Activist

What happens when a longtime animal activist begins to recognize their role in white supremacy culture? They decide to become part of the solution.

The Need for Ethical Consistency in Animal Advocacy

To achieve animal rights, we must strive to make ethical decisions aligned with our values and work toward collective liberation for all.