IPCC report food system

IPCC: Slashing Emissions From Meat Crucial to Climate Action

A trio of new reports — including the IPCC’s latest — makes clear that food system reform is a crucial part of climate action.

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meat companies turn to prison labor

Factory Farms Are Sourcing Their Cheap Labor From Prisons

A new research project illuminates the connection between prisons and meat processors, and how both benefit from incarcerated labor.

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complete avian flu coverage

Avian Flu: Full Coverage

Our complete coverage of avian influenza linked here.

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High Seas Treaty: 5 Issues Facing Oceans

High Seas Treaty: 5 Pressing Issues Facing the World’s Oceans

Almost 200 nations have pledged to protect the high seas — but what does that mean for world oceans and the so-called blue food economy?

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George Monbiot v Russell Brand

George Monbiot Debunks Russell Brand’s Far-right Farming Conspiracy Theories: The Correction

New Video: The Guardian columnist explains what’s actually behind the Dutch farmer protests and the truth about nitrate pollution as part of Sentient Media original series The Correction.

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Diseases Are Bred on All Animal Farms, Even the Ranches

A growing body of evidence shows that both intensive and extensive farms are increasing the risk of the next pandemic.

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