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Factory Farms Are the Perfect Breeding Grounds for Zoonotic Diseases

Factory farms are filthy and unnatural, housing tens of thousands of animals at a time. These conditions increase the spread of zoonotic diseases from animals to human beings.

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Turkey Farming: How Intensive Breeding Is Transforming the Industry

Selective breeding has made turkey farming more lucrative, but the industry’s pursuit of profit comes at the expense of animal welfare.

Will Development Banks Finally Agree to Divest from Factory Farms?

To address the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and the ongoing threat of zoonotic disease, advocates must turn their calls for divestment to the factory farming industry.

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How Grass-Fed Beef Is Duping Consumers, Again

Meat producers are trying to trick the rapidly growing sector of eco-conscious consumers into believing that they are partners in the solution to climate change. And people are eating it up.

Big Ag

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Farmed Salmon: What Is Farmed Salmon & Is It Safe to Eat?

New studies on the negative effects of salmon farming have prompted people to question whether farmed salmon is good for human health and the environment.

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The Link Between Antibiotic Resistance and Factory Farming

The alarming growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has prompted a call for factory farms to stop routinely administering antibiotic drugs to healthy animals. Many aren’t listening.

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Bringing Big Ag’s Right to Harm to the U.S. Supreme Court

Two couples in rural Indiana worked for decades to build the American dream—and then watched it slip away to a massive pig farm. They refuse to give up.


In China, Traditional Remedies for COVID-19 Are Fueling the Wildlife Trade

The sale of wildlife for human consumption was made illegal in most of China following the outbreak of COVID-19, but thanks to loopholes in the legislation, the wildlife trade is still very much alive.

Mink Farming’s Pandemic Potential

In Denmark, a new strain of COVID-19 originally found in minks has jumped to humans and could threaten the efficacy of newly developed coronavirus vaccines.

Meatpacking Workers Say Attendance Policy Forces Them to Work with Potential COVID-19 Symptoms

In April, despite his fever, a meatpacking worker continued to carve neck bones out of pig carcasses at a JBS plant in Iowa. Two weeks later, he would test positive for COVID-19.


How Big Pesticide Companies Are Lobbying to Become Climate Leaders

Pesticide producers have a long history of lobbying against environmental regulations. Now, they’re using power and influence to manipulate legitimate climate strategies for their own ends.

Amazon Deforestation: Causes, Effects, Facts, & How to Stop It

The Amazon Rainforest has been burning for decades. But there is a lot of misinformation out there about why it’s actually burning. How big is the role of the meat industry?


Agribusiness Is Trying to Greenwash Its Waste as “Renewable Energy”

The industry’s quiet campaign to greenwash its image has a new partner in crime: the emerging biogas industry.


How Confronting My White Privilege Is Making Me a Better Animal Activist

What happens when a longtime animal activist begins to recognize their role in white supremacy culture? They decide to become part of the solution.

The Need for Ethical Consistency in Animal Advocacy

To achieve animal rights, we must strive to make ethical decisions aligned with our values and work toward collective liberation for all.

Encompass Essays Series to Be Published by Lantern Books

The 12-part series investigates racism in the farmed animal protection movement and examines ways in which movement leaders can cultivate racial equity within their organizations and personally within themselves.