A man eating a plant-based burger.

Plant-Based Meat: Healthy Option or Vegan Junk Food?

Plant-based meat comes in many forms, some healthier than others.

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woman posing with supplement and water glass, collagen explainer

The Ugly, if Unsurprising, Truth About Collagen

The promise of eternal health and beauty comes at a steep price for animals, people and the environment.

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black and white steers gaining weight on beef feedlot in central Colorado

Six Greenwashing Terms Big Ag Is Bringing to COP28

Debunking the key concepts the world’s largest food and farming companies will be using to sway debates at the climate summit.

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Skier goes down slope

Artificial Snow Can Harm Wildlife, but Some Ski Resorts Have Found Another Way

Climate change is decimating natural snow and, in turn, changing the habitats near ski resorts.

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Red panda on a branch

What the Endangered Species Act Does, and Why It Matters

The Act is turning 50 this year — but how successful has it been at protecting endangered species?

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A cookbook showing a recipe for aquafaba meringues.

Will Climate Cookbooks Change How We Eat?

Sustainable diets have been around for ages, but an emerging cookbook genre signals a new appetite for change.

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