do fish feel pain

Do Fish Feel Pain? The Science Behind Fish Sentience

Evidence suggests that fish feel pain and suffer. Although fish and other aquatic animals may not feel pain in the same way that we do, the psychological experience is likely very similar.

How One Small City in California Is Going Plant-Based

The City of Berkeley just adopted a first-of-its-kind sustainable food policy that will replace 50% of the city’s animal-based food purchasing with plant-based alternatives in the next four years.

Seaspiracy: What the Fishing Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Before audiences had gotten a chance to see the new documentary, the fishing industry was already dismissing it as “vegan propaganda.” Remind us again who the propagandists are?

cattle farming
Cattle Farming Is One of the Most Destructive Industries on the Planet

Cattle farming is not viable in the long run, and with the ethical and genuinely sustainable options available, it is time to shift to those options for good.

Big Ag

The Pet Food Industry Is Cutting Ties with Animal Agriculture

If cats and dogs were a country, they would be the fifth-largest meat consumer in the world, according to PLOS One. Could cultured meat help the pet food industry clean up its act?

meat consumption in the u.s.

Meat Consumption in the U.S. Is Growing at an Alarming Rate

Burgers, bacon, steaks, and other meat products have come under scrutiny due to their impact on health, sustainability, and social justice issues. Yet meat consumption in the U.S. is still on the rise.

Factory Farming Is on the Rise, But Communities Are Fighting Back

In the absence of political leadership, grassroots organizations and NGOs are taking on factory farms themselves, building on growing public support for less intensive animal agriculture.


What I Witnessed Investigating Factory Farms During the Pandemic

Even when animal protections are strong, millions of sentient beings suffer. Clément Martz takes us to the heart of the problem, exposing conditions at “high welfare” facilities during COVID-19.

Vegan Doctor: Boycotting COVID-19 Vaccines Won’t End Animal Testing

Public trust in the vaccination process is soaring. Although for some vegans, deciding whether or not to get the vaccine—which was tested on animals—may feel slightly more complicated.

As Borders Closed, Thousands of Seafarers Were Left Stranded

Thousands of seafarers are stranded in countries around the globe as COVID-19 has restricted travel and forced many smaller airports to close.


chicken farm

Can Chicken Farming Really Be Sustainable?

Despite the industry’s best efforts to hide behind labels that make chicken farming appear more eco-friendly, it still has devastating consequences for animals and the environment.

Deforestation and Disease Are Leading to Global Economic Uncertainty

Deforestation is a global problem. If it increases the risk of disease, which we now know it does, then the prognosis is more economic catastrophe.

A Conservationist’s Guide to Protecting the Oceans

Humans are the major driver of biodiversity collapse in the oceans. Stronger radar, bigger nets, and faster ships have allowed fishing vessels to plunder the oceans with remarkable efficiency.


White Veganism Doesn’t Serve Me Either: A White Vegan’s Perspective

From academia to animal advocacy, white supremacy culture permeates liberal spaces. It’s time to turn reflection into action.

How Philanthropy in Farmed Animal Advocacy Reinforces White Bubbles

Most funders and leaders in the farmed animal advocacy movement are white. That needs to change.

As a Black Man, I Felt Uncomfortable Becoming an Animal Activist

Animal liberation won’t happen until Black, Brown, and Indigenous people have equity in the animal protection movement.