New Investigation Uncovers “Unacceptable” Conditions at UK Pig Farm

An Animal Equality investigation released last week filmed “unacceptable” conditions at a “high welfare” pig farm in the UK. The pigs were found living in filth and many were seen suffering from open wounds.

Is Speciesism a Social Justice Issue?

Speciesism is more than just an animal rights issue. The Deputy Leader of the UK’s Animal Welfare Party, Jane Smith, explains why our understanding of social justice must evolve to include animals.

How Carbon Labels Are Getting People to Eat Less Meat

Carbon labels are making it easier for consumers to choose climate-friendly foods over carbon-heavy ones. Could this inadvertently encourage people to eat less meat?

When 4-H Kids Choose Sanctuary Over Slaughter

Writer Jessica Scott-Reid has a message for 4-H children everywhere who dutifully raise farmed animals only to watch them sold off to the highest bidder: There is another option.

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The Food System on Mars: Humanity’s Do-Over?

Mars gives us a chance to start over and leave many of Earth’s worst practices behind. While it sounds far-fetched, life on the red planet will almost certainly be free of animal suffering.

Watch: What It’s Like to Live Next to a Factory Farm

A 2020 film by Greenpeace tells the story of Michel Pouret-Frydendahl and his neighbors, who live near three intensive pig farms in Denmark. No other country in the world produces more pigs per capita.

Factory Farming Is on the Rise, But Communities Are Fighting Back

In the absence of political leadership, grassroots organizations and NGOs are taking on factory farms themselves, building on growing public support for less intensive animal agriculture.


What I Witnessed Investigating Factory Farms During the Pandemic

Even when animal protections are strong, millions of sentient beings suffer. Clément Martz takes us to the heart of the problem, exposing conditions at “high welfare” facilities during COVID-19.

Vegan Doctor: Boycotting COVID-19 Vaccines Won’t End Animal Testing

Public trust in the vaccination process is soaring. Although for some vegans, deciding whether or not to get the vaccine—which was tested on animals—may feel slightly more complicated.

The Other Pandemic: Avian Flu Is Spreading Around the Globe

As the world continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, a parallel scenario is unfolding in the avian world. Outbreaks of avian flu have been detected on poultry farms from the UK to Japan.


Climate Groups Finally Recognize the Link Between Factory Farming and Climate Change

We’ve long counted on climate groups to model what a sustainable future looks like—one where single-use plastics are rare and electric cars are business as usual. But what about the way we eat?

JBS Promises to Stop Destroying the Environment—in 14 Years

JBS, the largest meat company on the planet, recently committed to achieving zero deforestation across its global supply chain by 2035. Critics say by then it may be too late.

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Can Chicken Farming Really Be Sustainable?

Despite the industry’s best efforts to hide behind labels that make chicken farming appear more eco-friendly, it still has devastating consequences for animals and the environment.


How Philanthropy in Farmed Animal Advocacy Reinforces White Bubbles

Most funders and leaders in the farmed animal advocacy movement are white. That needs to change.

As a Black Man, I Felt Uncomfortable Becoming an Animal Activist

Animal liberation won’t happen until Black, Brown, and Indigenous people have equity in the animal protection movement.

How Confronting My White Privilege Is Making Me a Better Animal Activist

What happens when a longtime animal activist begins to recognize their role in white supremacy culture? They decide to become part of the solution.