image of worker hands with feed in front of image of cow, Biden department farm labor investigations

Biden Labor Department Inspected Just 879 Farms Last Year — Factory Farms Included

A new report finds investigations at an all-time low at a time when farm workers, including children, are perhaps more vulnerable than ever.

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a pair of older-appearing hands grasps a bowl, seated at a table, Blue Zones docuseries debuts on Netflx

‘Blue Zones’: New Netflix Docuseries Highlights Plant-Based Longevity

A new four-part series on Netflix explores the secrets of centenarians around the world, including how they eat.

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image of beef cattle on pasture, regenerative agriculture explainer

The Promises and Pitfalls of Regenerative Agriculture, Explained

Despite the massive amount of public and private funding flowing into regenerative agriculture, research shows it doesn’t live up to the climate hype. 

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close up of cow, meat consumption study

By Cutting Meat and Milk Consumption in Half, We Could Stop Deforestation

A new study shows replacing half of the meat and milk we eat with plant-based alternatives would cut agricultural emissions by almost a third.

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bee visiting flowers

15 Animals Who Help the Environment and How They Do It

Many animals contribute to the health of our ecosystem, but these 15 in particular are overachievers.

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image of child's hands cupped for stream of water, Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act Is Important — but a New Supreme Court Decision Limits It

A new ruling threatens the power of one of the most important environmental laws in the United States.

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