image of hens in cages with exposed bones, Lidl egg farm investigation

Hidden Camera Footage Shows How Hens Live on Lidl Supplier Egg Farm  

A new investigation from Animal Justice Project reveals trampled and rotting hens on a farm that supplies eggs to the grocery giant Lidl.

image of dairy calf, What Really Happens to Calves Discarded by Irish Dairy Brands Like Kerrygold

Here’s What Actually Happens to Male Calves After Irish Dairy Brands Like Kerrygold Are Done

A new investigation documents abuse and a 30 hour journey with no food or water.

Spy cam reveals suffering and squalor on Red Tractor farm

Spy Cams Reveal Squalor and Suffering on Mega-Farm

Hidden footage captured at pork mega-farm Bickmarsh Hall reveals pigs living in filth and suffering from injuries.

156 North Carolina Factory Farms at Risk for Flooding

Climate change is causing more North Carolina farms to flood, killing animals and flooding the streets with their manure.

Big Dairy Infiltrating TikTok

How Big Dairy Infiltrated TikTok

The dairy industry is targeting Gen Z with a new social media campaign.

Lidl fast-growing chicken investigation

New: Undercover Footage Shows Lidl’s Cheap Chicken Makes Farmed Animals Pay the Price

A new video investigation documents Lidl’s fast-growing chicken breeds suffering in factory farms.

man reflected in pig's eye

Hogwood Farm: A Modern Horror Story

After four years investigating one of Britain’s largest and most contentious pig farms, the team at Viva! shows just how far the industry is willing to go to hide the truth.

duck farm investigation

New Duck Farm Investigation Reveals Abuse, Gaps in Biosecurity Protocols

Viva!’s latest undercover investigation of a commercial duck egg facility reveals severe abuse and lapses in biosecurity protocols.

pig transport truck

Investigators Followed a Livestock Truck for 32 Hours. Here’s What They Found.

A new investigation from Animal Outlook documents what happens when animals are held in transport trucks for hours on end with no rest.

‘A Cow’s Life’: The BBC Documentary Everyone Is Talking About

A new BBC Panorama documentary has viewers taking to social media to decry the “shocking” and “inhumane” treatment of cows in the dairy industry.

Cover of The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

The Jungle, Revisited

More than a century has passed since Upton Sinclair’s tell-all novel, The Jungle, sparked public outrage at the corruption of the meatpacking industry. Not much has changed.

An investigator in an enriched cage hen farm in Sweden.

Exposing the Secretive World of Animal Exploitation with Pete Paxton

Over the past two decades, Pete Paxton has dedicated his life to exposing animal abuse wherever it hides, earning him a spot among the most accomplished undercover investigators of all time.

This Kansas Farm Is Making Headlines—for All the Wrong Reasons

Many of the farmed animals were found “in a severe state of neglect.” The USDA, which has already given the farm $160,000, refused to comment on whether or not it would continue its support.

New Investigation Uncovers “Unacceptable” Conditions at UK Pig Farm

An Animal Equality investigation released last week filmed “unacceptable” conditions at a “high welfare” pig farm in the UK. The pigs were found living in filth and many were seen suffering from open wounds.

aerial view of cows crowded in cages

New Investigation Exposes One of the Darkest Corners of the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry works hard to convince consumers that its milk is cruelty-free. But a new investigation into the trade of days-old dairy calves tells a different story.

pig covered in mud in dark barn

What I Witnessed Investigating Factory Farms During the Pandemic

Even when animal protections are strong, millions of sentient beings suffer. Clément Martz takes us to the heart of the problem, exposing conditions at “high welfare” facilities during COVID-19.

turkish border trucks

New Film Gives Us a Rare Glimpse of Animals in Transport

Join renowned photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur as she climbs transport trucks in Turkey, documenting animals in their final moments on the way to slaughter.

Fur farm

Pioneering Undercover Investigator Finally Emerges From Behind the Camera

As the pandemic forces Gem de Silva to take some time out, he reflects on 30 years of investigating factory farms and other industries exploiting animals.

gressingham duck slaughter

What a Secret Investigation into UK’s Largest Duck Slaughterhouse Reveals About the Industry

This isn’t the first time the Crown-approved duck supplier has come under fire, and it certainly won’t be the last. The industry is riddled with violence.

dairy farm california

Why We Need to Hold This California Dairy Farm Accountable

Footage from an investigation inside Dick Van Dam Dairy—a supplier of popular milk brands like Dairy Pure and TruMoo—is so graphic, actor Kate Mara warns, “You may need to look away.”

factory farm investigator

I Went Undercover on a Factory Farm—This Is What I Learned

Scott David investigated three slaughterhouses during his time in the field—a chicken slaughterhouse, a pig processing plant, and the largest lamb slaughterhouse in the U.S. It never got any easier.

tesco food grocery

Britain’s Largest Food Retailer Hides Behind High Welfare Claims

The problem is not that their animal welfare standards are too low, but that the language of welfare has no place in these standards at all.

chicken farm poultry

Despite Perdue’s High Welfare Standards, Some Chickens Can’t Survive 45 Days

Perdue is often touted as a leader in chicken welfare. But across the poultry industry, companies continue to leave their youngest and sickest birds behind.

eggs grocery labeling

Does “Certified Humane” Mean Cruelty-Free?

Humane food labels are supposed to give consumers confidence that their products are responsibly sourced and farmers are held to higher welfare standards. But too often, they’re proven wrong.

dead pigs ditch

Hidden Video Reveals Gruesome Mass-Extermination Method for Iowa Pigs Amid Pandemic

This video includes graphic images some readers may find disturbing. Cruel and excruciating methods are being used to kill thousands of pigs that have become commercially worthless during the pandemic.

pig investigation Mara

“If the Industry Won’t Tell the Truth, We Will”: Animal Equality’s Fight Continues

Through corporate responsibility programs, media campaigns, and groundbreaking investigations, Animal Equality is making the choice to support animal rights an easy one.

“This Is Horrific Abuse”: Rooney Mara Joins Shocking Investigation of Factory Farming

Relating her first-hand experiences in an investigation with Animal Equality, actor Rooney Mara exposes the reality of factory farming. “It’s so much more awful than you can even imagine.”

pig slaughter investigation

VIDEO: Inside an Italian Pig Slaughterhouse

New footage from Animal Equality shows the disturbing reality inside an Italian pig slaughterhouse. The violence is savage, but not outside the norm.

What Hudson Valley Foie Gras Doesn’t Want You to Know

A solemn state hangs over Hudson Valley Foie Gras, where over 300,000 mulard ducks are raised and killed for foie gras every year.

dairy cow cruelty

First-Ever Cruelty Investigation into an Organic Dairy Farm

The term “organic” may make the consumer think the milk came from a happy cow, but Animal Recovery Mission’s latest investigation proves no dairy is cruelty-free.

dead calf tractor

Uncovering Dairy Cruelty: Abused Calves Freeze to Death at Babybel Supplier

Animal Equality reveals shocking scenes of animal abuse and neglect at Summit Calf Ranch in Nebraska, a facility housing 11,000 calves and owned by Tuls Dairy.

factory farm calf

Moving Animals: Photographing the Undeniable Suffering on Factory Farms

There is a reason why the animal agriculture industry fights to keep its practices hidden. What happens to animals in the food system is fundamentally wrong–and needs to be seen.

How Undercover Investigation of Lamb Slaughterhouse Led to Federal Prosecution

A whistleblower offered the first hidden-camera look inside a lamb slaughterhouse in the U.S. Now, the Department of Justice is stepping in. That’s how bad it was, yet it is all too common.

slaughterhouse cow gun

Factory Farming: Shedding Light on the Highly Secretive Industry

Torturous labor conditions and systemic animal abuse are well hidden by the industry. That is until investigators show up. The undercover investigators at factory farms are risking everything to show the rest of the world the systemic, business-as-usual animal abuse going on every day.

PETA pig farm

Chilling Footage From Inside a Canadian Pig Farm

More than 1,000 mother pigs were found suffering miserable lives in crates at one of British Columbia’s largest pig farms. PETA’s investigation spurred direct action by hundreds of activists over the weekend.

Supplier for Costco and In-N-Out Accused of Confining, Mistreating Animals

California’s darling burger chain In-N-Out and the wholesale retailer Costco are supplied, in part, by…