How to Pitch Us

What We’re Looking For:

Every Sentient Media story should support our mission of changing the conversation around animal agriculture. Our aim is to get people talking about the impacts, injustices and consequences of meat and dairy farming. Each story should fit within at least one of our new coverage areas (stay tuned for a new website look!): agriculture, science, climate, health and justice.

What we are looking for now: original reporting and analysis that tells the reader something new with facts, evidence and research. While we are much less interested in traditional op-eds and personal essays, we welcome your sharply-argued analysis that’s backed up with research and evidence. We are not looking for stories or essays that primarily address a debate within the vegan or animal rights community.

We publish big picture pieces and local reporting but in either case the story should come with a clear takeaway of what the story means for this changing conversation around animal farming.

More specifics:

Our original reporting and deeply researched explainers show readers animal agriculture’s impact on the environment, animals and workers.

We also cover new animal behavior research, including studies of animal sentience. These stories tap into the public’s growing curiosity about the inner lives and experiences of animals.

We are especially looking for stories that give the reader new information or analysis about livestock farming, climate emissions, air and water pollution, ecosystem and biodiversity impacts, rewilding projects and land use.

We want to expand our policy coverage with forward-looking pieces that tackle how to address the impacts of animal agriculture.

Our rates start at $200 and go up from there. We pay higher rates for experienced writers and journalists, and for stories that require significant reporting or research.

Keep in mind that our stories are also animal-sensitive — which means we always include the experience and well-being of animals in our reporting and analysis.

How to Submit:

Please send your pitch including the following to managing editor Jenny Splitter at [email protected].

  • One paragraph explaining the story you want to write. This paragraph should tell us the big takeaway of your story and why it’s important to cover this angle now. Tell us what’s new that hasn’t been covered elsewhere.
  • 3-5 bullet points of the points you want to make in this story.
  • What are your sources: interviews, research, evidence — what backs up the main points of your piece.
  • If you haven’t written for Sentient Media before, send a few links to your published work.