Next in Line: The Emotional Trauma We Inflict on Farmed Animals

Award-winning investigative photographer Amy Jones discusses her role in bridging the divide between humans and the emotional violence we inflict on farmed animals.

Want to Protect Workers, Animals, and the Planet? Ban the Sale of Meat

Big Meat—like Big Oil, Big Tobacco, and Big Pharma—is a ravenous machine of exploitation pursuing profits at almost any cost. It needs to be stopped.

Saving Animals, One Law at a Time

Lobbyists and legislators can only do so much. Public support is what pushes for bills to become laws—and right now, support for animals is soaring.

are chickens smart
Chickens Are Smart (and Yes, They Can Suffer)

Chickens are widely considered to be unintelligent, but that crude classification may stem from our view of chickens as food animals.

Damien Mander: From Soldier to Animal Activist

We caught up with Damien Mander, founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, to talk about how reliance on the meat industry is hindering our ability to protect wild places.

Kansas Federal Judge Rules Decades-Old “Ag-Gag” Law Unconstitutional

A federal judge recently overturned a Kansas law that made it illegal to conduct undercover investigations on factory farms. The ruling set a new precedent for Ag-Gag laws in the U.S.

Corporate Corruption in Global Fishing Gets New Attention

Few industries harbor greater levels of fraud, bribery, tax evasion, weapons trafficking, and oil dumping than international fishing.

Human or Animal? Why We Need to Change the Conversation Altogether

When someone is dehumanized or “treated like an animal,” they become easier to oppress. Meatpacking workers know this better than most.

As Borders Closed, Thousands of Seafarers Were Left Stranded

Thousands of seafarers are stranded in countries around the globe as COVID-19 has restricted travel and forced many smaller airports to close.

Why This Undercover Investigator Is Helping Others Expose Animal Abuse

Prior to going undercover on factory farms, Erin Wing had witnessed and experienced all kinds of violence. It was one of the reasons she knew she would be well-suited for the job.