Activists Target Smithfield Foods—The World’s Largest Pork Producer

By rescuing animals from captivity and documenting slaughterhouse facilities, activists aim to disrupt oppressive institutions—like factory farms—that harm both human and nonhuman animals and the planet.

Undercover Investigators and Whistleblowers Tell Their Stories

A group of seasoned investigators, whistleblowers, and legal experts discuss the role of undercover investigations in empowering individuals and legislators to make a change.

prison system jail
The Role of Plant-Based Food in the Prison System

Food justice issues, like access to fresh, affordable ingredients, disproportionately affect communities of color. In jails, sheriffs and wardens reinforce this oppression by restricting inmates’ diets and serving poor quality plant-based food as punishment.

Who Killed Cachou? Brown Bear’s Unusual Death Ignites Controversy

As with many other human-wildlife conflicts, this story involves the usual suspects: livestock farmers, environmental organizations, and a regional government caught in between.

Stolen from the Wild: The Use and Abuse of Mauritian Monkeys for Research

Renowned primate expert Dr. Jane Goodall has joined the chorus of people urging the Mauritian government to end the international trade of research monkeys.

A Veggie Burger Is Still A Veggie Burger, Says EU Parliament

Veggie burgers can stay, say MEPs, but “vegan cheese” has to go. Parliament also failed to support much-needed environmental reforms, allowing the agricultural industry to carry on destroying the climate.

What Trump’s Deregulations Mean for Animals

Many of the deregulations enacted by President Trump prioritize the interests of hunters, property owners, and the fossil fuel industry over the health and well-being of animals and their ecosystems.

dairy farm california
Why We Need to Hold This California Dairy Farm Accountable

Footage from an investigation inside Dick Van Dam Dairy—a supplier of popular milk brands like Dairy Pure and TruMoo—is so graphic, actor Kate Mara warns, “You may need to look away.”

smithfield slaughterhouse rescue
Hollywood Comes to Life in an L.A. Slaughterhouse

A team of activists donned the uniforms of slaughterhouse workers and entered the premises—owned by Chinese multinational corporation Smithfield Foods—to rescue a 300-pound pig.

Researchers Have a New Test Subject: The Octopus

The use of cephalopods in laboratory research is on the rise, with several labs in the U.S. raising octopuses for their own use and as a supply for researchers around the world.