mcdonald's animal cruelty
McDonald’s Animal Cruelty: Secrets of the Fast Food Industry

McDonald’s animal cruelty record is far from perfect. The company has been under fire after multiple investigations exposed cruelty at its chicken suppliers.

Open Cages Releases New Video from Inside a Mink Gas Chamber

Last week, new footage from a mink fur farm in Poland was published by Open Cages amidst calls for a ban on British fur sales.

How Many Animals Does PETA’s Shelter Euthanize Annually—and Why?

U.S. shelters must euthanize millions of animals every year. Why is this done? PETA explains.

Animal Advocates & Environmentalists Clash Over Animal Testing

Environmental organizations’ desire to protect the planet is admirable, but their misplaced trust in animal testing could be doing more harm than good.

Marshall BioResources Is a Factory Farm Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Inside Marshall BioResources, thousands of beagles are bred for laboratories across the U.S. It’s big money for Marshall, with many labs paying more than $1,000 per dog.

Aquatic Animal Welfare Defined for the First Time

Major gaps exist currently in what “animal welfare” means for aquatic animals. The Aquatic Life Institute is leading the effort to help define what this looks like.

The Most Dedicated Activists Don’t Always Shout the Loudest

Dr. Wadchara Pumpradit worked behind the scenes with acclaimed photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur to depict slaughterhouse conditions in Thailand. Today, he’s a voice for change.

Activists Target Smithfield Foods—The World’s Largest Pork Producer

By rescuing animals from captivity and documenting slaughterhouse facilities, activists aim to disrupt oppressive institutions—like factory farms—that harm both human and nonhuman animals and the planet.

Undercover Investigators and Whistleblowers Tell Their Stories

A group of seasoned investigators, whistleblowers, and legal experts discuss the role of undercover investigations in empowering individuals and legislators to make a change.

The Human Cost of Turkey Farming

Despite production slowdowns due to COVID-19, the turkey industry is set to keep most of its facilities open through the holiday season, putting poultry workers and their families at risk.