feral cats
Hawaii’s Cats Are in Danger

Companion animals and the state’s feral cat population are at risk.

pigs in CAFO
Iowa Residents Have Lost an Important Right to Sue Factory Farms

Iowa residents once had a right to sue polluting factory farm neighbors, Now the Iowa Supreme Court has taken that right away.

Lucy the Elephant
Animal Exploitation Industries Thwart Legal Progress — Here’s How

Happy the Elephant’s case shows how animal exploitation industries obstruct legal progress.

supermarket produce
Food Deserts: What Are They? Their Causes, Effects and Possible Solutions

The term “food desert” describes an area where it is hard for people to access fresh, healthy and affordable produce.

Bigger Protests, Higher Stakes: Peruvian Animal Rights Activist Speaks Out

“I found people with beautiful hearts who give everything for animal advocacy,” says Hillary Cabrera Gavilán, who first got involved when she was 19.

Happy the Elephant’s Case Offers Hope for Animal Rights

While Happy remains behind bars, the elephant’s legal team says the case represents a paradigm shift in the way humans grant legal rights to animals.

prop 12
Proposition 12: Legislative Overview and Updates

Proposition 12 is a law that California voters passed in 2018 to define the minimum amount of space that farmers must give to cows, pigs, and chickens.

Groupon Boosts Attendance at ‘Notorious’ Zoos and Aquariums

A new report claims that Groupon “routinely partners with some of the cruelest captive wildlife venues in the U.S.” Sentient Media investigates three of the highest-profile facilities.

racial justice
Animal Protection Movement Struggles to Reckon With Deep-Seated Inequalities

Animal advocacy has a long record of racial and sex-based discrimination. As workers continue to speak out, some organizations are answering the call—and others aren’t.

pig prop 12
Researchers Develop New Technology to Read Pigs’ Emotions

The automated emotion recognition tool can apparently be used to assess pig welfare on farms. But advocates say it is too little too late.