image of scottie dog taking a bite of food or treat from hand, pet food industry explainer

The Pet Food Industry’s Future, from Plant-Based to Cultivated Meat

Contrary to popular belief, the pet food industry is not its own, separate part of the supply chain. It relies on leftover meat produced for human consumption.

image of stretchy cheese in pupusa, lab-grown dairy

Lab-Grown Milk Has Huge Potential to Disrupt Dairy, New Study Shows

Milk made with precision fermentation could take up to 33 percent of the dairy industry’s market share.

person measuring shake powder what is ultra-processed food

What Is Ultra-Processed Food and Why Is It Unhealthy?

Ultra-processed foods are designed to be addictively delicious. Just how unhealthy are they and what are the processed foods to avoid? We explain.

image of shopping basket in grocery aisle, What Is SNAP

Do SNAP Benefits Actually Work to Address Hunger?

Over 34 million people in the U.S. suffer from hunger. One effort to address food insecurity is through SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.

What are non-essential amino acids? Woman running

The Difference Between Essential and Nonessential Amino Acids, Explained

There are 11 nonessential amino acids that are absolutely critical for your body.

picture of cow sticking her head out through bars for story is dairy bad for you

Is Dairy Bad for You? 

Is there a link between dairy and cancer risk? The evidence isn’t conclusive but we took a closer look at what we do know in this explainer.

how to read food labels

Here’s How to Get Better at Reading Food Labels

Food labels are confusing. Our guide will help you tell the difference between useful information and meaningless junk.

essential amino acids

Am I Getting Enough Essential Amino Acids?

There are nine essential amino acids that your body can get from a variety of foods, including plant-based sources like nuts.

What are the benefits of oat milk?

What Are the Benefits of Oat Milk?

Oat milk has become a popular alternative to dairy in recent years, with its healthy nutritional profile and lower impact on animals and the planet.

what is a sustainable diet

How 4 Leading Organizations Define a Sustainable Diet

Want to follow a sustainable diet? These 4 organizations each have their own definition, yet they all point towards eating more plants and less meat.

guide to vegan nutrition

A Guide to Vegan Nutrition: How to Get the Nutrients You Need to Stay Healthy

If you’re looking to try a vegan diet, read this guide first.

is alcohol vegan

Is Alcohol Vegan?

Wondering which alcoholic drinks are vegan? This guide can help.

White House

The Problem with the New White House Nutrition Strategy

The plan relies heavily on meat and dairy industry donations while mostly ignoring the power of plant-based diets.

is honey vegan

Is Honey Vegan?

Honey is largely produced by bees living in manmade hives that are very different from their natural habitats.

what foods are made from gelatin

What Is Jell-O Made of?

Jell-O is made from gelatin, an ingredient that comes from the bones, skin and connective tissues of farmed animals.

universal school meals

Making Plant-Based More Accessible Through Universal School Meals

One way to make plant-based foods more accessible is to increase the “universal meals” served at schools, prisons and hospitals.

dairy goat

Goat Milk: Does It Contain Lactose and Can Humans Drink It?

Despite the persistent myth that goat milk is healthier and more ethically farmed, dairy goats experience the same factory farm conditions as cattle.

processed meat

Processed Meat: What’s in It and Why Is It Bad for You?

Processed meats are a regular part of the American diet but eating them could be be risky for your health.


Is Soy Good for You?

Soybeans are a protein-rich legume native to East Asia and the main ingredient of many different nutritious foods.

hemp seeds omega-3

The 14 Best Vegan Sources of Omega-3

Omega-3s are most commonly associated with seafood, but can also be found in leafy greens and other vegan sources, including foods that come from plants.

baking food

Level Up Your Baking With These Vegan Egg Substitutes

Baking without eggs may sound challenging, but it’s easier than you’d think. Check out this list of the best egg substitutes for home bakers and cooks.

gelatin tray

Where on Earth Does Gelatin Come From?

The gelatin available at most grocery stores is primarily made from a protein found in the bones of farmed animals such as cows and pigs.

hot dog

What Are Hot Dogs Really Made Of?

There is not a lot of actual meat in hot dogs, even when it’s listed as a top ingredient. They are mostly water and fat, but hot dog companies don’t want you to know that.

Got Milk? How School Lunches Are Making Kids Sick

Two-thirds of the population is lactose intolerant. So why don’t school lunch programs offer plant-based milk? The answer is more complicated than you’d think.

Wins and Losses From New York City Schools’ First Vegan Friday

Public schools in New York City will now serve plant-based meals on Fridays. The only problem is that “Vegan Fridays” aren’t entirely vegan.

20 Best Plant-Based Proteins for Vegans and Vegetarians

A lot of people might be surprised by the vast array of plant-based foods that contain protein. Here’s a list of some of the most delicious options out there.

baked chickpeas

What Are the Best Sources of Vegetarian Protein?

Learn about what protein is, how it works, and how to get enough of it while maintaining a vegetarian diet.

Dairy Industry Takes a Page From Big Tobacco’s Book and Targets Kids With Flavored Milk

Serving flavored milk in schools has a dangerous downside, one that industry groups, parents, and nutrition experts have been fighting over for years.

preparing plant-based snacks

7 Reasons Why Seafood Might Be Bad for You

Seafood has long been hailed by dietitians as a quality source of healthy fats and protein. But there is a darker side to seafood that is often not discussed.

People at airport or mall restaurant tables

Why the Business Lunch of the Future Should Be Animal-Free

It’s not your imagination: More people than ever are changing the way they eat. Shouldn’t the meals we share with others change, too?

plant-based chicken

Plant-Based Chicken: What Is It Made of and Is It Healthy?

With interest in meat alternatives growing, so is curiosity about what alternatives like plant-based chicken are exactly, and why consumers should consider eating them.

how do vegans get protein

Why Protein Isn’t a Problem for Vegans

How do vegans get protein, you ask? Surprisingly, a balanced vegan diet contains more than enough protein to meet one’s nutritional needs.

cow beach people

Going Beyond the Cow: Beyond Meat’s New Commercial Asks Us to Rethink the Way We Eat

Could a burger made of plants really be better for us, for the animals, and for the planet? Beyond Meat’s answer: Absolutely.

plant-based meat alternative

Plant-Based Meat: Healthy Snack or Vegan Junk Food?

Plant-based meat is here to stay. With growing popularity, these cruelty-free options are presenting meat eaters and vegans alike with delicious options on their mission to end animal farming.

human nature hand

Book Review: Nourishment by Fred Provenza

The shortest line to draw between humankind and nature is what we eat. Read this book and you’ll surely be convinced of that.