Food Waste

coconut and flower offering for holi in India, story on vegan leather from waste

How Leftover Temple Flowers and Coconut Water Became Vegan Leather

An intrepid group of entrepreneurs and researchers in India are taking wasted materials and turning them into vegan leather.

food waste rescue

Saving Food Waste From Landfill, One Whatsapp Message at a Time

Foodsharing has rescued 178 million pounds of food from landfill since 2012. Yet experts say more should be done to combat food waste on a global scale.

Food Upcycling’s Untapped Potential

One-third of food produced around the world ends up in garbage cans and landfills. Advocates point to a simple solution: reusing food instead of throwing it away.

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Not All Food Waste Is Created Equal

Wasted food is a serious problem, especially in America where landfills are overflowing with rotting food. Among that waste, especially on the consumer front? Animals.

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1 in 4 Calories Produced in America Go to Waste

3 billion pounds of produce is thrown away every year—just in California. Another 20 million…

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The Food Waste Economy

Maen Mahfoud grew up in Syria, wanting to be a doctor. He began medical school…