image of orca, story of orca called lolita and toki

Inside the Fight to Release the Orca Some Called Lolita

Before the oldest orca in captivity died earlier this month, advocates and researchers argued over the plan for her release.

captive primate with person taking photo with phone, pros and cons of zoos

Are Zoos Good or Bad for Animals? The Argument, Explained

Debates about the ethics of zoos abound — but when it comes to animal welfare, there are certainly more cons than pros.

Do Circuses Still Abuse Animals?

Though public opinion polls suggest most people do not support use of animals for circus entertainment, the practice continues unabated.

lion cub tourism industry

New Study Highlights Harms of Captive Lion Cub Tourism

Researchers found tourists — despite their best intentions — may make life worse for the lion cubs they visit.


Elephants Thrive in Sanctuaries Over Zoos, Research Shows

An increasing number of zoos across the world are allowing their elephants to retire to sanctuaries.


Groupon Boosts Attendance at ‘Notorious’ Zoos and Aquariums

A new report claims that Groupon “routinely partners with some of the cruelest captive wildlife venues in the U.S.” Sentient Media investigates three of the highest-profile facilities.


These Big-Budget TV Shows Won’t Admit Where Your Meat Comes From

Studies show that television has the power to shape public opinion. But when it comes to meat production, many tip-toe around the issue.

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During Wartime, Zoo Animals Suffer in Silence

“We must take this heart-rending opportunity not to turn away, to understand that zoo animals are war victims, too,” says Barbara J. King.

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In UK, ‘Takeaway the Meat’ Ad Sparks Controversy

The advertisement received more than 400 complaints after it appeared on Channel 4, reminding more than 15 million viewers where their meat comes from.

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How Pop Culture Is Shaping Our Relationship With Chicken

Chicken Run, Chicken Little, Chicken Joe. Americans love a feel-good story about chickens. Finally, we’re starting to ask why.

Monkey dressed as a clown performing

Is Using Animals for Entertainment Unethical?

Should animals be used in zoos, rodeos, circuses, and other forms of entertainment? Read more about their time in captivity, and then answer the question.

Entry to The Museum of the History of Cattle

Museum Exhibition Raises Awareness About the Lives of Cattle

The exhibit at the Museum of the History of Cattle, currently on display in Barcelona, “introduces the shared history of cattle and humans as seen by the cattle.”

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Just Desserts: Great British Bake Off Welcomes First Vegan Baker

Plant-based baker Freya Cox joins this year’s lineup of “The Great British Bake Off”, one of the country’s greatest and most inclusive cultural exports.

Bear Boy book in a counter, photo by Robin Weir

Book Review: Bear Boy by Justin Barker

Justin Barker’s autobiographical coming-of-age story follows his fight to save two bears from a dismal existence at a zoo in Roseville, California.

Justin Barker With Coffee, photo by Robin Weir

Meet Justin Barker: Activist and Author of the New Book Bear Boy

In this exclusive interview, Justin Barker talks about what led him to publish his first book: the years of advocacy, personal awakenings, learning, teaching, and deep-seated passion for animal rights.

smithfield slaughterhouse rescue

Hollywood Comes to Life in an L.A. Slaughterhouse

A team of activists donned the uniforms of slaughterhouse workers and entered the premises—owned by Chinese multinational corporation Smithfield Foods—to rescue a 300-pound pig.

dairy cow calf

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Is More Fact Than Fiction for Dairy Cows

The next big dystopian fertility story may have already been written. Around the world, cows suffer reproductive exploitation at the hands of dairy farmers.

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Humans Aren’t the Only Species That Feels Lonely

Animals in farms, zoos, and aquariums are prevented from doing most of the things that are natural and instinctive to them, and suffer psychologically as a result.

I Was a Journalist Who Reported on Captive Animals—Then I Became One

Christina M. Russo reflects on her newfound connection with captive animals. After being damaged during surgery, she understands their plight even more.

koala animal captivity

Zoo Animals Are Always on Lockdown

Stories about lonely zoo animals missing their human “friends” may bring levity during this time of crisis—but they ignore the plight of the animals held permanently captive.

tiger king cage

Tiger King Emphasizes Link Between Human Violence and Animal Cruelty

The dark undertones of the Netflix docuseries highlight the need for laws that protect animals from humans with violent tendencies.

gorialla zoo hand

Speciesism and Tragedy at Krefeld Zoo

Coverage of the Krefeld Zoo fire was so one-sided that it is possible to believe only eight apes died. But the fire killed more than 40 other animals that the media neglected to mention.

Animal Rights Activists Lock Down B.C. Bank Sponsoring Nationwide RibFests

When businesses pay to support unnecessary animal slaughter and the destruction of our planet, the public has a right to know.

SeaWorld Needs to Stop Spoon-Feeding Lies to Children

There is an important lesson all children need to learn, and that lesson is that keeping wild animals in the wild, is more important than being able to visit them in an amusement park.

Big Little Lies and Animal Ethics: A Tangled (Liberal) Web

For a show that gets so much right, the scene discussed below leaves me wondering if it is demonstrating self-awareness of liberal ignorance on animal ethics, or if it is merely exemplifying its entrenchment in liberal ignorance over issues of animal ethics.

Zoos Cause Animals Far More Harm Than Good

Zoos Cause Animals Far More Harm Than Good

While zoos masquerade as prime exemplars of wildlife conservation efforts, when closely examined they cause the captive animals in modern zoos significantly more suffering and deprivation than well-being and life enrichment.

Upcoming Film: The Rise of the Animals

In the same cages as the animals we farm, humans are forced to assume a much different perspective on factory farming. The film pushes humans to think about actually living in those conditions.

Book Review: Dirty Vegan by Matt Pritchard

Matt Pritchard SWYD/YouTube The latest addition to the vegan main stage is BBC host, skateboarder,…