image of two sticks of margarine on wood plate held by two hands, history of margarine

What the History of Margarine Can Teach Us About Current Plant-Based Battles

The dairy industry has been fighting plant-based alternatives for a long time — but historically, it hasn’t exactly worked.

image of pig in transport, Smithfield Foods is owned by China

Smithfield Foods Is Owned by China, but Pollution and Price-Fixing Is the Real Problem

Rumors and conspiracy theories about Chinese ownership of a major U.S. pork producer abound, but concerns might be misplaced.

image of pig on industrial farm staring at camera, african swine fever study

African Swine Fever Would Spread Rapidly Through U.S. Pork Industry, Study Finds

An outbreak is killing pigs around the world, and would likely spread quickly in the United States.

image of sheep in transport truck, sheep farming

What Sheep Farming Really Means For Animals and the Environment

Like many other forms of agriculture, sheep farming has become increasingly industrialized. Here’s what you need to know.

image of horse on farm, horse blood farm

The Blood of Pregnant Mares Fuels Factory Farming – Literally

Female horses are drained of blood to provide a hormone used in pork production worldwide.

image of wagyu cow on pasture, is wagyu beef humanely raised?

Are Wagyu Cows Raised More Humanely Than Other Cows?

Wagyu beef is one of the most expensive — and consistently mislabeled — foods on the market. In this explainer, we look into what the “wagyu” label means for the c

image of pig, What Is EATS Act

What the EATS Act Is, and Why It Matters for Animals

A coalition of lawmakers are backing the EATS Act in hopes of gutting the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the welfare provisions of California’s Prop 12.

2023 Farm Bill, picture of a cow with ear tag

What the 2023 Farm Bill Could Change for Animals and Farmers

The 2023 Farm Bill offers lawmakers an opportunity to transform the food system but will they take it?

North Carolina manure lagoon storage, pork industry marketing

The Pork Industry Is Targeting People of Color – While Still Polluting Their Water 

Amid the World Pork Expo, the industry reframes “sustainability” and targets the very communities it pollutes.

History of Dairy Ads

A Brief History of Milk Ads Reveals Big Dairy Has Always Struggled

The Aubrey Plaza campaign is just the latest in a long history of artists, celebrities and athletes hired to promote the dairy industry.

Animal Outlook

Tyson Foods Investigation Exposes Myth of Free-Range Chicken

An undercover investigator found water shortages and “free-range” chickens that never see the outside.

What Is the USDA?

What Does the USDA Do?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has many responsibilities, including oversight of the food system and rural development.

Big Chicken is Going After Climavores

Big Chicken Is Going After Climavores

Is eating chicken more sustainable than beef? The industry is misleading consumers with its “climate-friendly” marketing.

What are gestation crates?

What Are Gestation Crates?

Gestation crates are one of the most controversial aspects of pork production. But what are they, and why does the industry say they’re necessary?

Dublin Declaration scientists, image is tractor in field

The Dublin Declaration Is Riddled with Animal Industry Bias

The 1000 scientists who signed the declaration are far from impartial.

Culling chicks

Is It Legal to Kill Baby Chickens?

The egg industry continues to cull billions of male chicks worldwide each year — despite legal and scientific progress to curb the practice.

What Is a Feedlot?

How Does a Cattle Feedlot Work?

What is a feedlot? These large fenced-off areas of land house thousands of cattle as they gain weight before slaughter. But how do they work?

Europe braces for new avian flu outbreaks

EU Braces for New Avian Flu Outbreaks

A new EU government report warns of an impending uptick in avian flu outbreaks, especially in areas with a high concentration of factory farms.

grass-fed vs grass-finished

Whether It’s Grass-Fed or Grass-Finished, Beef Is Still a Problem

Consumers want to know the difference between grass-fed vs. grass-finished but research shows all beef is bad for the planet.

Why Cedar the Goat Had to Be Killed

Why Cedar the Goat Had To Be Killed

When a 9-year-old tried to pull her goat from auction, Shasta County fair officials insisted the animal be killed to teach her a lesson about meat.

How new FDA labels tout dairy over public health

How New FDA Labels Tout Dairy Over Public Health

The proposed FDA label guidance implicitly favors single “superfoods” and dairy as the nutritional gold standard over a varied plant-rich diet.

what is fur farming

Yes, Fur Farming Is Still Legal

61 percent of U.S. voters support a ban on fur farming — yet the $22 billion industry is still legal in the U.S. and much of the rest of the world.

dairy goat production

What Are the Impacts of Dairy Goat Production?

Goat milk has become increasingly popular, yet most consumers are unaware of the environmental and animal welfare impacts of dairy goat production.

Broiler chickens

Why Do We Call Them Broiler Chickens?

The poultry industry uses the term “broiler chickens” to describe birds farmed for meat. But where exactly does the term come from?

What does "free-range" mean?

What Does “Free-Range” Mean for the Animals?

You might think “free-range” meat comes from happy animals but in reality, the label is no guarantee the farm meets any animal welfare standards.

how many cows are killed per year

How Many Cows Are Killed Each Year?

Almost 300 million cattle were slaughtered globally in 2020, despite research suggesting cows are capable of feeling pain and distress.

companies failing cage-free commitments

21 Brands Fail to Keep Cage-Free Promises

Wendy’s and other national brands are failing to make good on their cage-free egg commitments.

why are egg prices so high?

8 Reasons Why Eggs Are So Expensive Right Now

Wondering why egg prices are skyrocketing? A mix of reasons — avian flu, inflation and shifting demand are all partly to blame.

How Much Time Do Cattle Spend on Feedlots?

U.S. cattle feedlots house over 13 million cattle annually, maximizing growth before slaughter.

worst facts about factory farms

6 of the Worst Facts About Factory Farms 

More than 21,000 factory farms raise and slaughter billions of livestock animals each year in the U.S.

New Study Shows Staggering Increase in Heatstroke-Induced Chicken Culls

Between February and August of last year, more than half of commercial chicken depopulations used ventilation shutdown.

Broiler chick

How Many Chickens Are Killed Each Year?

Over 8 billion chickens are killed each year by the food industry.

dairy farming

Why Is Dairy Farming Bad?

Dairy farming is the practice of raising animals such as cows, goats and buffalo to produce milk for human consumption.

poultry farming

How Many Poultry Farms Are There in the U.S.?

Poultry farming is a popular method of food production that raises billions of animals each year for meat.

what is veal

Where Does Veal Come From?

In this explainer, we answer the question what is veal?

factory farm expansion

Ireland Braces for Factory Farm Expansion

36 new factory farms are slated to open in Ireland, pending approval from the Irish EPA.

low methane beef misleads consumers

Why You Shouldn’t Buy “Low Methane Beef”

Meat companies are greenwashing beef with a “low methane” rebrand.

egg farm

In Some Countries, Enriched Cages Stand in the Way

Consumers say they prefer “cage-free” eggs, yet some producers are slow to adapt.

farmed animals in drought

Factory Farms Are Destroying This Natural Resource

Bolivia’s growing factory farm industry is putting the Chiquitano Forest at risk.

factory farm cow

What Is Factory Farming and Why Is it Bad?

The vast majority of farmed animals are raised on crowded factory farms that cause climate emissions and environmental pollution.

turkey farming

How Are Turkeys Farmed?

The amount of turkey meat consumed has increased 104 percent since 1970 — virtually all sourced from animals raised on factory farms.

egg production

How Egg Production Became a $200-Billion Industry

Egg production is far from the idyllic image of a mother hen sitting atop her nest. Big Ag has corrupted the process, creating cheap eggs at the expense of billions of anguished chickens.

gestation crate

As Supreme Court Hears Prop 12 Arguments, a New Investigation Looks Into Gestation Crates

As the Supreme Court hears arguments in pork industry challenge to Proposition 12, a new investigation reveals cruelty of intensive animal confinement.

pigs in animal farms

How the Media Greenwashes Industrial Pig Farming in Malaysia

Media coverage often misses the root cause of factory farm pollution.

animal agriculture

Does Animal Agriculture Cause Climate Change and Pandemics?

The global animal agriculture industry rakes in billions of dollars while putting the environment and human health at risk.

Animal Rebellion

Animal Rebellion to Block U.K. Dairy Supply Until Demands Are Met

Animal Rebellion is pledging to block dairy deliveries until the government agrees to support rewilding and plant-based food system transition.


Turkey Lifespan: How Long Do Turkeys Live Before Slaughter

Turkeys can live for decades in the wild but, when raised for food, these creatures are slaughtered as young as 12 weeks old.

How Many Animals Are Killed for Food Every Day?

Every second, 271 animals are killed for food in the U.S. Millions more are killed every day. Find out why so many animals are killed and how it happens.


New Singapore Partnership Aims to Boost Cultivated Meat, But With Chicken

A poultry processing company in Singapore offers up its waste to cultivated meat companies. But should they use it?

meatpacking truck

Meatpacking: A Closer Look Inside a Secretive and Dangerous Industry

On factory farms, animals are subjected to stress, confinement and physical harm. But the meatpacking industry is also harmful to humans caught within it.