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15 Plant-Based Meat Companies You Should Know

The plant-based food industry has exploded in recent years, with plant-based meats igniting the conversation about the future of food.

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Can Cultivated Meat Be Truly Slaughter-Free? Omeat Thinks So

As cultivated meat clears U.S. approval for sales, Omeat launches with a new strategy to ditch the controversial fetal bovine serum.

Cultivated meat industry challenges

Cultivated Meat Startups Need More Scientists and Funding

Alt proteins are making th pitch for more federal funding as a new report finds startups need more “technical talent” to scale.

How is leather made from mushrooms?

How Do You Make Leather From Mushrooms?

Leather made from mushrooms is a cruelty-free and environmentally friendly alternative to animal hides, including cow and lamb.

Four Challenges Facing Cultivated Meat

Four Challenges Facing Cultivated Meat 

From government approval to cultural pushback, here’s how 2023 looks to be shaping up for the cultivated meat industry.  

Plant Based Price Parity

Don’t Count Plant-based Meat Out Just Yet

The plant-based industry skeptics are ignoring a crucial factor: price parity.

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Is Smart Farming Making Life Worse for Farmed Animals?

New technology is making farmers’ lives easier, but the increased efficiency they bring often comes at the cost of farmed animals.

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Interview: The Future of Pet Food With Ryan Bethencourt

Sentient Media recently sat down with Ryan Bethencourt, CEO of Wild Earth, to talk about how his company is shaking up the pet food industry.

Exploring Alternative Proteins and the Future of Meat Production

Protein is one of the four main food groups that form a balanced diet. Our bodies use proteins as building blocks for our skin, bones, muscle, vitamins, and hormones.

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How Cultivated Meat Went from Lab Experiment to Legitimate Solution

Like the Impossible Burger, cultivated meat is an industry-led technological innovation that will make it easier to cut animals out of your diet and eat meat, too.

Animal Farmers Respond to the Rise of Plant-Based Meat

For decades, small farmers have been suffering at the hands of industrial agriculture. Now, some fear the growing popularity of plant-based foods could give big meat producers even more power.

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The Pet Food Industry Is Cutting Ties with Animal Agriculture

If cats and dogs were a country, they would be the fifth-largest meat consumer in the world, according to PLOS One. Could cultured meat help the pet food industry clean up its act?

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Lab-Grown Meat Isn’t Natural—And Neither Is Factory Farming

Many consumers believe conventional meat products are more natural than their lab-grown counterparts. What is “natural,” however, is not always best.

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Cultured Meat Could Revolutionize the Food System

In nearly every way, cultured meat is the same as conventional meat. The all-important difference is that cultured meat does not require the raising or killing of animals for food.

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This Big Meat Lobby Is Pro Cell-Based Meat. How Will Regulators Respond?

Earlier this summer, the largest meat lobby in America, the North American Meat Institute, and…

Big Meat Is Pro Clean Meat

The largest meat lobby in America sees a future for clean meat. The North American…