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Cultivated Pet Food Meat Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

How Biocraft is attempting to improve pet food by making it allergen-free and healthier for animals — not to mention, far more ethical.

Why Do Some Critics Call It Lab-Grown Meat?

Why Do Some Critics Still Call It Lab-Grown Meat?

More than 150 companies are growing meat from fish or animal cells. Yet some critics still deride cultivated proteins as “lab-grown meat.” Why?

How Do Pesticides Work?

How Do Pesticides Work?

The U.S. uses around 1 billion pounds of conventional pesticides each year to control weeds, insects and other crop-damaging invaders. Pesticides are crucial for protecting crops but can also be mismanaged at great risk to the environment.

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Pets in the Metaverse: Can Technology Put an End to Overflowing Animal Shelters?

At least 10 percent of households no longer have their pandemic pets. In the future, digital pets could be an alternative.

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Cultivated Meat Gains Ground in Hyper-Competitive Industry

Cultivated meat is attracting a lot of new attention. But experts question whether the new technology will truly make our food systems more sustainable.

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Meet the Women Shaping the Future of Food Tech

Women-led food tech startups are changing the fabric of the food tech industry, which they say has been dominated by “bro culture” for too long.

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Technology Is Changing Everything—Including the Way We Eat

New systems are changing what we eat, how it is made, and who makes it. These changes could expand access to high-quality food while reducing environmental impacts.

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25 New Startups Chasing the Hottest Trends in Food Tech

Food tech startups reportedly received more than $39 billion in new funding in 2021. Food delivery companies and online grocers led the way.

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Robots Could Replace Captive Reindeer This Holiday Season

This holiday season, thousands of captive reindeer will be put on display and used as props in Christmas parades around the world. Advocates say that needs to change.

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Cultivated Meat Could Radically Transform Animal Agriculture: Interview With Investor and Author Jim Mellon

Jim Mellon’s new book, Moo’s Law, helps readers understand the quickly evolving investment landscape in cultivated and plant-based proteins.

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Slaughter-Free Food: Cell-Based Meat Companies Join Forces

The food industry will need every tool in the toolkit at its disposal to feed 10 billion people by 2050. Animal farming is not one of them, but these slaughter-free chicken nuggets certainly are.

Book Review: Hungry for Disruption by Shen Ming Lee

With remote sensors that optimize water use and crop genetics that selects for heartier grains, the global agricultural industry is using technology to meet the demands of a growing population.

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This Animal-Free Egg Company Just Secured Global Distribution

Clara Foods plans to bring the world’s first vegan egg white to market in the next year, addressing the massive unmet consumer demand for animal-free products.

The Next Generation of Alternative Proteins

Motif just received $90 million in Series A funding from the likes of Viking Global Investors, Breakthrough Energy Ventures— which includes Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson—agricultural goods titan the Louis Dreyfus Company, and Fonterra, a global leader in dairy production.

The Impossible Burger 2.0 and the Next Generation of Food Tech

This year’s big ask from alternative meat maker Impossible Foods? Cheat on beef. On Monday, the new Impossible Burger 2.0 made its debut at CES 2019.

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Is Using Science to Help Animals Adapt to Life on Factory Farms Ever the Solution?

We’re pushing farmed animals to their limits of productivity, breeding chickens to grow fatter, cows to produce more milk, beef cattle to grow more muscle; all to the detriment of their physical and mental welfare.

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JUST Cell-Based Meat Is Ready for Limited Release. What’s Next?

The plant- and cell-based meat market will be worth $10 billion when it gets to 13% of the market, a market share equivalent to that of the plant-based milk market today.

vegan Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat Files for the Plant-Based Food Industry’s First IPO

Current investors in Beyond Meat include Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack and Suzy Welch, Kleiner Perkins, and Tyson Foods.

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Plant-Based Protein Can Help End Animal Agriculture

The best reason to choose plant-based protein is that it’s a cruelty-free source of something you need.

animal agriculture robots

Robots Won’t Fix Animal Agriculture’s Welfare Problem

Cargill’s latest investments in robotics is a three-wheeled corralling robot that cost $40,000, which the…

cell-based meat

Cell-Based Meat Faces One of its Biggest Challenges Yet

One of the big challenges for cell-based meat is to match the nutritional value of…

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Vegan Meat Company Beyond Meat Nears IPO

Beyond Meat According to a source close to the company, Beyond Meat is almost ready…

The Challenges and Promise of Clean Meat

The Good Food Conference in Berkeley, organized by the industry powerhouse Good Food Institute, gathered hundreds of entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, media and other industry people into the packed two-day event.

The Impossible Burger Is Possible, Says FDA

The FDA has no questions that the Impossible Burger is safe to eat. The meatless…